American Un-Intelligence Network — All Actual White Hats Be Aware

   Judge Anna von Reitz

I have just issued a short and scathing article explaining to everyone that the Norman Conquest happened.

I know it may be “Big News” to those who dropped out in the Sixth Grade, but if you are an actual “White Hat”, then stop promoting self-interested British Bunko and remember basic historical facts.

King John was not “king” in Britain. That right was shared by all the Norman Barons who were the conquerors in 1066 and their progeny— their great–great grandsons in the early 1200’s when the whole issue of The Magna Carta and John’s double-dealing with the Pope arose.

All John had was a title — and a title is nothing more than a function of a trust, in this case, the Church’s trust property in England at the time—the churches, monasteries, and other assets of the Roman Catholic Church, together with whatever “commonwealth” wasteland was given to the church’s administration. It does not involve the rest of us then or now.

Those who are misinterpreting or deliberately spreading this gross disinformation about King John need to be shut down–intellectually– with extreme prejudice, because they are knowingly or unknowingly promoting not only a gross falsehood, but are seeking to build a basis for equally false British claims in the present time against our nation.

Britain does not own us any more than “King” John owned the Norman Conquerors, and his actions do not undermine The Magna Carta then or now.

If the idea was not so pernicious, it would be laughable, so let’s all laugh — and tune up your Shinola Sensors and clue in “American Intelligence Network” that they have fallen on their noses and will be known as “American Un-Intelligence Network” and a storefront for the British Bunko Squad until they redeem themselves.

Remember that these Brits work under Roman Civil Law, and one of the main Maxims of Roman Civil Law is: “Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.”

If they can fool you into thinking you are a slave or subject to them, then you are.

If you don’t know the history of the Norman Conquest and The Magna Carta and you believe their false re-telling of it, then that becomes your reality and you naturally fall victim to all their other lies and the false assumptions resulting from them.

It therefore behooves everyone to crack the books and examine the circumstances and know the history and the law so that you recognize it when these people try to pass a Whopper like this whole “King John and the Pope” story off on you.

Remember Amos? “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Remember “Study to make yourself approved.”

A man cannot be lazy and free.

As I explained earlier today, the actual circumstance is that Britain doesn’t actually own anything related to the United States and was only allowed to exercise “Delegated Power” in the Territorial United States. Britain acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Fraud and Usurpation against our actual Federal Government and so, abused our Delegated Powers for a hundred and fifty years.

One of its primary abuses was to misuse our Patent Office to create a system of Territorial and Municipal Governments that then “enfranchised” all the commercial corporations. This nefarious activity was staged out of our Patent Office in the (vain) hope and assumption that Britain would not be detected as the source of this foul scheme and we would be blamed for it, if it ever came to public knowledge.

Well, it has come to public knowledge. And so has the bankruptcy fraud. And so have the “Life Force Value Annuities”. And so has the whole lousy, rotten, immoral, barbaric, fraudulent “Birth Certificate” system. And so has the “dollar for dollar” exchange rate. And so has the quasi-military court system. And so has the role of the “American” Bar Association. And so has the plot to undermine and vacate the constitutional agreements from the federal side of the equation.

It’s all exposed. And the perpetrators responsible are not the Americans. The perpetrators are the Brits who usurped upon our Delegated Powers by means of fraud and semantic deceit.

Ironically, as Our Father would have it, because the Brits did all this evil “in our names” and used our Patent and Trademark Office and Copyright Office to do it, we are the actual owners of all the Territorial and Municipal Governments worldwide, and therefore also the owners of the charters of all the commercial corporations that those “governments” issued. Not the Queen.

Always remember that she held only delegated power. She never had any power of her own on our shores. She merely operated in Gross Breach of Trust and commercial contract and used our own powers to abuse us and everyone else.

And now that the rats have finally outsmarted themselves by rendering all three levels of the “federal government” incompetent, and by Operation of Law, all the delegated powers have returned to the Delegating Authority, The United States of America [Unincorporated], and we have acknowledged, accepted, and re-conveyed those delegated powers back to our control—-Britain no longer has a word to say to our government, except perhaps — “We’re terribly, terribly sorry. We will be happy to return all the assets that are owed to you.”


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