Jural Assembly

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Only one of the better responses to ‘how did we get ourselves into this mess?’
Which mess? The one we are all living through.
Finally coming to terms with the consequences of allowing ‘money’ to be created as a substitute for exchanging one’s labor for something of real value.
Wow! What a heavy thought to show up here on CGI or RMN.
Mebbe so, but I’ll betcha Rayelan is probably thinking ‘omigosh, never thought it could happen, but yaaaay’
Jural Assembly. When people rely on eyeball contact and a handshake to exchange something of value.
In a nutshell, commerce without ‘money’ but mutual trust. Sometimes, if appropriate, an agreement reached in the presence of witnesses who may become the arbiters in the case of disagreement. Like a jury. But not the juries we have been aware of all our lives. Not the ones trained to pick over ‘legal’ details and so-called independent rationale but based on similar cases written down and interpreted by those ‘trained’ in the law. Somehow the training really overlooked justice, but that’s another subject for a later day.
Jural Assemblies are coming back. Slowly. For some it’s a hard concept to grasp, as our educational system has moved ever closer to training rather than education through discourse and thinking.
Jural Assemblies are in place – at least enough to begin to be noticed – in most of the States in this country. It’s true they really are not particularly obvious. Because it is a real grass roots movement. Not packaged for consumption for ‘someone else’ to benefit (i.e., give me your money) from it. You know, thievery under cover of ‘law.’
Jural Assembly. Google it. Surprise yourself. If it resonates, seek your own. Can’t find one? Start it yourself.
‘Nuf sed for now. Let’s see if RMN or CGI readers have some comment!


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