Charnel Houses and Shinola Sensors

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

I have often and with considerable vigor criticized the Roman Catholic Church for numerous things, including their tolerance for Babylonian practices of idolatry and usury and mismanagement of the assets of the World Trust and Gross Breach of Trust with respect to obligations owed to the American people and government.

Now, I find myself honor-bound to defend the Roman Catholic Church and explain some basic facts of life and history to Americans and Aussies and others around the world who have not had cause to spend time in Europe.

It also requires discussing some not-so-pleasant subjects.

Like death. Human death.

Although you might not have cause to think about it while traveling through Europe— if you did think about it — you would realize that aside from some large war memorial cemeteries and a few notable public and church cemeteries, there are not nearly the number of cemeteries you would expect to see, given the size of the population.

Arable land in Europe is at a premium and has been for centuries.

So instead of cemeteries, Europeans have used a long tradition of “green burials”. They set aside a place to bury the dead in cloth shrouds and mark the spot. Seven years later, family and friends and the local clergy come back and dig up the skeletal remains of the loved one, and bear those bones to the local charnel house — a building or vault or crypt, often with an iron grate underlying it, where the bones are piled up together with the bones of other ancestors.

The charnel house of a community is often associated with the local church, though not always, and it is sometimes in the same building as the church — in the basement, typically, or a side room or outbuilding.

The bones themselves gradually disintegrate into their mineral components and the dust falls through the iron grid into a space below. In the spring, when the farmers need to fertilize their fields, they come to the charnel house and sack or shovel the bone meal into carts and haul it away to spread on the fields.

Thus, the cycle of life and death turns, and the bones of a village’s dead contribute to the well-being of the Earth and the sustenance of the living inhabitants who need the fertilizer to grow food crops and woodlots.

Only the lords of the manor had private burial plots and mausoleums associated with their grand homes. My Father was taxed by the East German Government for the family mausoleum outside Gdansk (Danzig) and every year was a run around with the various authorities to get the cemetery tax paid and forestall the demolition and razing of the mausoleum— a separate stone building full of ancestral bones —-and all that remained of our once-vast holdings.

It was a hefty sum, too.

After my Father died, my Cousin Friedrich had grown up enough to take over this duty and expense, so now it gets paid from Berlin. I suppose it is only right and fitting that we pay in money for the rent of the land that the building occupies, giving back to the community which has long been cheated out of our share of fertilizer.

Since the advent of inexpensive and available modern fertilizers, some community charnel houses have become artistic memorials. See the Hallstatt, Austria, charnel house with over 1,200 intricately painted human skulls. After the initial shock, you realize that this is indeed a loving and respectful memorial and that the people of Hallstatt have stayed together in death as in life, as a community.

In Asia and India, they go so far as to use human skeletons to build architectural structures, such as dikes and low bridges and even small one or two room huts for shelter.

Not everyone has boundless acres for cemeteries and other cultures do not deny the realities of death as we do in America.

So now the internet is awash with ignorant articles by people alarmed because there are large quantities of human bones in St. Peter’s Basilica and in many, many other Churches scattered throughout the world. They assume, like Kevin Annett, that this is evidence of foul play and “ritual sacrifices” and they are making all sorts of wild, hysterical claims against the Church as a result of their “discovery” of all these charnel houses “hidden” in plain sight.

They have never heard of a green burial, nor of a charnel house.

Likewise, are there reasons why there would be mass graves in Western Canada, aside from genocide?

We forget or we never knew just how rough life was on the frontier, but in Riverside Cemetery, in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, you can see the grave of my Great-Grandfather, Julius Alfred Schnur, his wife, and five little daughters. He lost his wife and the little girls in two successive epidemics, diphtheria and Scarlet Fever, one after the other. He also lost his home and multiple successful businesses to a flood of the Black River in 1911. The family was completely wiped out except for the land and a horse barn.

Even today, in Alaska, we struggle with tuberculosis and endemic hepatitis as Public Health concerns. We lost our first home in Big Lake to a mammoth wildfire, Millers Reach II, in June of 1996. Even after penicillin and electricity and paved highways and combustion engines, there are perils that can easily result in mass graves.

Perhaps it is my knowledge of these and other facts — and the failure after ten years to produce conclusive proof of wrong-doing — that tends to make me discount the claims of ITCCS as a witch hunt, most likely funded by the banks.

Is it a coincidence that Kevin Annett appeared the same exact year that Pope Benedict XVI began the push for reform of the secular side of the Church, and brought pressure to bear on the out-of-control banks?

For a while, it was almost a tit-for-tat exchange, with a pedophile accusation in response to every bank reform suggestion—similar to the rash of sex-related complaints being leveled against politicians and celebrities, all of whom just happen to be fairly conservative.

Last year, in April, as a result of “police investigations” in Belgium, I was led by ITCCS announcements to expect criminal charges following arrests and to hear the results of these investigations and eye-witness accounts in the papers and from more ITCCS news blurbs.

Nothing. Not a word. No end of the story. No result.

This year, two people try to arrest Pope Francis, who was on his way to an ecumenical meeting, and everyone concerned was hurt.

Why— if ITCCS had information about a Black Mass occurring— didn’t they simply wait until later that night, surround the gathering place, and arrest the whole lot of them at once, caught red-handed?

Again, the storyline doesn’t make logical sense, and there is no result.

I am all for being aware of Satanism in the modern world, being aware of its practices and beliefs, being on guard against these “professional” liars— yes, also being aware of their long and bloody history as child murderers. But one need not look very far to see the evidence of their actual mass murdering in modern times. Just look at the statistics concerning state-sponsored abortions.

Millions of babies are sacrificed every year, and it doesn’t require any special robes and rituals or signs or symbols. No secret meetings in the dead of night on a full moon, no stone altars or sacred dates on the calendar. Child murder worldwide is tragically accepted as “legal” and commonplace.

And as long as that is accepted as “okay” and as a means of birth control, then it is only a small step down the slippery slope of immorality that, like one Obama Administration official proposed, not counting children as “human” until age six, and being able to cull them at will until then. Or, conversely, saying that anyone over the age of 75 is useless and subject to mandatory extinction “for the good of the planet”.

Perhaps instead of beating around in the bushes and attacking elderly priests on their way to ecumenical meetings, we would do better to sharpen up our Shinola Sensors overall and take a broader view of what we are allowing and participating in and how that is affecting our values — not only our family values, but our valuation of life in general.

We all need to be thinking and feeling more deeply and taking more responsibility for the true, obvious, provable, and actual evils in our midst.

Last time I checked, the Roman Catholic Church is one of the few institutions on Earth that has taken a firm and unyielding stand against abortion–that is, against child murder.

If individual priests are in fact functioning as Satanists, they are merely pretending to be priests. They are not Christian. They are not Catholic.

If the day comes and we actually catch such individuals participating in a Black Mass, they will be accountable for their own bad beliefs and evil actions. They cannot blame the teachings or the doctrines of the Church.

As for the rest of us, we are also responsible for what we believe and what we do according to those beliefs.

I, myself, am considering a “green burial”. There is something peaceful about the concept of returning my physical body to the Earth from which it sprang and letting it naturally decay and become part of other beings and things yet undreamed of— oak trees, moss, and falling stars.

When I began to sharpen my pen to write this article and explain the whole concept of charnel houses to Americans, I chanced upon some additional information about this subject I would like to share with my readers. There are organizations and businesses in this country that assist families who wish to follow the ancient and natural way of dealing with death and dead bodies and bones.

Let me recommend:



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