So Simple — Persons? or People?


I have been carrying on a conversation for many days now with Americans who consider themselves “United States Citizens” yet insist on making references to the federal constitutions.

These references almost always include the word “people” or “people’s”, such as the “people’s right to peacefully assemble” or the “people’s right to petition”.

The problem is that thanks to deliberate and self-interested falsification of the public records, nearly all of us have been misidentified as “persons”, not “people”.

Until and unless we all wake up en masse and object, the vermin can get away with this—-and it is very profitable for them, so they have no motivation short of lawsuits and pitchforks to stop making these insane false claims against us and continuing to act in Gross Breach of Trust.

We must all grasp the fact that “United States Citizens” and especially Municipal “citizens of the United States” have NEVER had any recognized guarantees under any of the constitutions—-and they still don’t.

So, are you operating in the capacity of a Territorial or Municipal United States citizen—- that is, as a “person” merely “residing” here on our shores, obligated to provide us with “essential government services”???

Or are you a native of a sovereign State of the Union, operating in the capacity of a United States National without any obligation of public servitude?

In other words, are you a “person” or one of the “people” of this country?

Bear in mind that PERSONS like “AMY MARIE MARTIN” are foreigners by definition and that they have no constitutional guarantees, can’t own land in the actual States, and can’t elect anyone to serve their interests in any lawful public election. At most, they can act as shareholders and officers of corporations—- like “The United States of America, Inc.” or the “UNITED STATES, INC.” and participate as “voters” in elections hosted by “political parties”.

Is everyone on the same page? Beginning to see how you’ve been “impersonated”? And abused?

Judge Anna von Reitz




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