Who or What is in Control of the “Federal Government”?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

I was having dinner with a very elite group of academics and high rent businessmen. Doctors, lawyers, and literally–Indian Chiefs, business moguls, heirs of great fortunes, clergymen of renown— and suddenly, there was a brief silence.

Into that silence I heard my own voice tossing this innocent-sounding question: “Who or what do you think controls the Federal Government?”

Since the “Federal Government” has become a vast mish-mash of separate corporate interests and privatized agencies and foreign mostly British and French commercial conglomerates, this is a somewhat disingenuous question. I was asking it almost as a rhetorical query to see what they would all say.

The President, according to more than half of our experts, controls the Federal Government.

The Congress, according to about a quarter of the pundits.

Political Parties split the rest of the vote with “Private Business Interests”.

Not one single person in that whole assembly came up with the actual correct answer, which is —- the States.

Not the States of States. The States.

So while we are moaning and groaning and seeking answers, it seems that we need to do some remembering as well.

We, the People of this country, are in the process of reclaiming our birthright, We are assuming our proper political status and assembling our Counties and our States.

There are no “citizens” of our States, except those that serve our States in some public capacity or office, as I do. The Justices, Sheriffs, and other Public Officers are known as “State Citizens”.

By definition, a “citizen” owes an obligation of service to the government, either voluntary or paid, but most people occupying our States are simply Minnesotans or Vermonters or Oregonians, New Yorkers, Floridians, Virginians and so on.

So far as the “United States” is concerned, we are known as United States Nationals, not United States Citizens, not citizens of the United States, and certainly not US CITIZENS.

This is not actually confusing. It’s just different than what we have been taught and led to suppose.

To get to the truth about our government and how it is supposed to be organized — and run — and by whom — requires us to delve far more deeply into our own history than US History 101.


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