Confusion About the Indemnity Bond

   Judge Anna von Reitz

When you operate in commerce –if you ever legitimately do–(remember that “commerce” is business between two incorporated entities) you typically need insurance of some kind — liability insurance, fire insurance, insurance against illness, accident, unemployment, theft, wrongful death, auto insurance, life insurance, casualty insurance, flood insurance…. the list goes on.

When you operate in trade (business between unincorporated parties) you also need protection, which is provided by an indemnity bond.

One of the way that rats have worked their system is by making sure that you don’t have an indemnity bond, and therefore “can’t” be operating in a private capacity in international trade.
It’s an “omission” on your part that allows them to presume that you can “only” be operating in commerce as one of their very own franchises, subject to their whims, and their statutes.

So one of the first steps toward becoming truly independent and being able to operate “privately” is the establishment of an indemnity bond. They’ve made this very difficult also. There are few bonding agencies that even know what you are talking about, and those that do are likely to mistake you for a pauper and demand a huge cash bond before they issue an indemnity bond for you.

We, The Living Law Firm, finally put an end to that dodge, by establishing an Indemnity Bond that covers the States of the Union, and thereby everyone living in the States.

When you go into one of their courts to protest their presumption that you are one of their franchises and acting in that capacity “voluntarily” or, otherwise, that you are irresponsible and operating without indemnity–and therefore are “incompetent” and under their control, you present the Court Clerk and the Court Administrator (the Judge) with a copy of your State of the Union Indemnity Bond — RA 393427640 US. If you wish, you can add the name of your birth State, such as Florida, Maine, or Minnesota.

Most of us Joe Averages who have not chosen to create incorporated entities of any kind, can then produce our Deed of Re-Conveyance showing that we have officially and knowingly transferred our Given Trade Name back to the land and soil jurisdiction State where we were born, and also produce our recorded Certificate of Assumed Name(s) which documents “their” expatriation back to the land and soil jurisdiction, too. This gives a three-pronged defense against any presumption that you are voluntarily acting as one of thier franchisees or in any public capacity related to them at all.

This deprives them of all their usual excuses to act “as” your guardians and “assume” Powers of Attorney never granted to them.

There is typically only one other thing needed (besides a backbone) to put them in their places and that is a specific denial of any Power of Attorney. My dear friend, “rb” Young, the Marine I eulogized earlier this month provided the following Revocation:

Know by all men these presents in the interest of/for the Administration of Justice…

In the form of a Letter of wishes regarding: The Revocation of Power of Attorney by: me: rb…

To Whom it may concern:

The Revocation of your Power of Attorney
as per your:

[cf] Uniform Power of Attorney Act Section 1101 and Montana Codes Annotated 72-31-310 states: Termination of power of attorney or agent’s authority. (1) A power of attorney terminates
when: (c) the principal revokes the power of attorney; (2) An agent’s authority terminates when:

(a) the principal revokes the authority; (6) The execution of a power of attorney does not revoke a power of attorney previously executed by the principal unless the subsequent power of attorney provides that the previous power of attorney is revoked or that all other powers of attorney are

It is my wish, my order, and my command to any and all such parties: as of this memorial moment; i, me, (us, we) hereby revoke, rescind, remove and deny any and all assumed and/or
presumed power(s) of attorney(s) part and parcel, that you think you may or might have had…previously invoked and/or all otherwise utilized are hereby REVOKED from this day forward;
dated as now for then. PERIOD.

May our beloved “rb” rest in the peace he has earned with the Savior he loved, and may you all listen and benefit from his hard work, research, dedication, love of country, and love of fellow man.

Every time you have to deal with any court or attorney pressing in upon you and making “presumptions” — issue your version of rb’s Revocation — and present your Deed of Re-Conveyance, your Certificate of Assumed Names/NAMES, and your State’s Private Registered Indemnity Bond.

Make it clear that they are on your soil and your land and they had better “shove off” and leave your “internationally protected person” — alone.


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