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Gig Line Time — Late Report Doozie!

   Judge Anna von Reitz I’m a Big Girl when it comes to the crap the governments of the world pull. But I have to admit, this report from Abel Danger addressed to General Kelly is flat out the most … Continue reading

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Blockbuster Find by Walter Burien — Here is Where Your Wealth Went

   Judge Anna von Reitz The Big Picture of: “Government Wealth vs. Private Sector Wealth” by Walter Burien – CAFR1 07/04/18 1. What do Government corporations have the intent to do? ANSWER: Take over all other corporations (Private) 2. Look … Continue reading

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Over 600 critiques pulled by mega-retailer for unexplained ‘bias’ Weeks after posting a 5-star rave of a new Bible book, Amazon.com banned this week one of its top 500 reviewers for “bias,” without further explanation and pulling more than 600 … Continue reading

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