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2018.07.05 Session 16 National Assembly Conference With Guest Speakers Al Hodges, Steinberg, Gene, And Anna Von Reitz

2018.07.05 Session 16 National Assembly Business Hour with Al Hodges, Steinberg, and Gene speaking 2018.07.05.NACC#16.mp3 (33.78 MiB) 2nd hour with Anna Von Reitz speaking during general discussions. 2018.07.06.NACC#16.Anna.Von.Retiz.mp3 (68.21 MiB)  https://forums.national-assembly.net/viewtopic.php?f=161&t=701&p=1126#p1126 _________________________________________________________

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Child Trafficing, Cabal, Blood Sacrafices, Genocide, Vatican, Opression, False Flags, etc..

Trump, Q, alternative media, and many others are exposing the corruption, rape, murder and theft of the people of Earth, all while fake news agencies cover it up and lie. Poisons in our air, food, water, and electronics are killing … Continue reading

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The Property Tax Scandal in The US


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