Child Trafficing, Cabal, Blood Sacrafices, Genocide, Vatican, Opression, False Flags, etc..

Trump, Q, alternative media, and many others are exposing the corruption, rape, murder and theft of the people of Earth, all while fake news agencies cover it up and lie. Poisons in our air, food, water, and electronics are killing us. Cern, Haarp, Nasa, and many others are harbingers of many evils that will bring more death upon us. Hidden good technologies and medical advances are withheld that can help the people. Courts are totally corrupt practices that work for the cabal aka crime syndicate. These entities are destroying our home we call Earth. They are destroying everything good. They have indoctrinated and enslaved most of the population with False Flag attacks to move their agendas forward. To disarm the population so they will have no fear or resistance to genocide.

Who can put a stop to this? Millions are awake to what is going on but it seems like millions are awaiting someone else to do it for them. People are expecting Trump and Military tribunals to take care of the problem. That’s not going to happen. Here is why. The population of America is well over 300 million. If only 1% is guilty of crimes against the other 99% then that makes 3 million criminals who need to go to trial for their crimes. Each criminal can have several days of deliberations before verdicts are handed down. If we are lucky enough to have 30 military courts on the large bases we may have what? 30 military courts? That will make around a hundred thousand cases per military court.

3031 counties in all 50 states. Each with at least one court. That makes around 990 criminals to be tried per court. That is a little closer to reality. Now imagine the numbers if 11% of the population is guilty and to be put on trial. With that in mind, who the hell has the ability to handle that? The only answer is the people! There is no way Trump or the military can hold those trials. Impossible!

Then the next question is who can clean up the mess they created? The only answer is we the people. The people must be assembled and coordinated to make all this work. Trump, Q, and many others have alluded to this but most of the people are blind to it. Trump promised to return the power back to the people. Q posted the people are strong together and don’t forget how to play. Newt Gingrich tipped his hat to the assemblies on the Hannity show. Enoch, Revelations, Daniel, and many other passages within the bible have referenced this. Our creator calls for us to seek his name. We are created in his image and he commanded no false gods before him. When the people are assembled in a body politic there are no false gods before them.

The military can detain a few of the worst ones but the people must step up to handle it. Trump and the military await the people to take back their counties and states. Without the people, Trump and the military cannot do it.

Less than a thousand people have stepped up to reclaim their assemblies. That is just a start. At least 13 per county for all 3031 counties is a minimum of 39,403 people needed. The big question is this: Are you just going to gripe and complain about the criminals and the arrests not happening until their death devices take your life? Or do something about it?

Time to get off yer butts and follow in the footsteps of our founding forefathers and recreate history just as they did it.  Time to join us and inscribe your names in the scrolls of history by forming your jural assemblies so that we may redress our grievances against the de facto corporation, instruct the military to unseal the indictments and commence with arrests, so that we may make Earth the heaven that our Great Divine Creator intended.

Doesn’t get more simple than this.


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