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Have you been branded as a criminal by “government”?

You go about your daily business without causing damage to anyone. There are no victims left behind in your wake. Yet “government” says you must obey literally thousands of codes and statutes regulating your entire life’s activity, enforced of course, … Continue reading

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Catholic Church Exonerated; Bankers Implicated

  Judge Anna von Reitz Let me explain why I — a card-carrying Lutheran since 1963 — don’t jump on the bandwagon and decry the Roman Catholic Church. Part of it is because of my own experience as a critic of … Continue reading

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The Move to China

   Judge Anna von Reitz Remember that I told you that the rats were moving their base of operations to China— because the parasites are leaving one host and infecting another? Well, here you have it in black and white, … Continue reading

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