And Another Tidbit and Proof of the Guilty Parties:

  Judge Anna von Reitz…/dp/0896081036

Thanks, Tom!

I often I get people “bridling up” against me. I am telling them things they don’t know, haven’t heard of, can’t believe…. bad things about what they have mistakenly thought of as their own dear government, outrageous evidence of Gross Breach of Trust and international law, fraud by banks on a Titanic scale, all sorts of things that must — to many people — sound crazy.

So it always helps when the rest of you speak up and add your piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

Today, I went back over the history of the rats (no, I know, “rats” is too good, but I try to keep it clean) preparing China as their next parasite host. I covered the seminal period from 1922 to 1943.

And here, below, the 1980 Trilateral Commission Plan for benefiting China (and their own investments) at our expense:

And yes, Donald Trump is finally putting the kibosh on the Globalist Agenda of bleeding America dry and charging the Americans for everything and leaving all our markets wide open to benefit other nations while their markets remain closed to us.

Yes, thank God, we can begin to recoup and see the actual “Enemy” that has been here all along, insidiously eating away like a tapeworm.

A highly-readable,wide-ranging study of the Trilateral Commission and the worldwide strategies of trilateralism. It demystifies national and international events, power, propaganada, and policy making from World War II through the sixties and seventies and into the eighties.


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