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Schaeffer Cox The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty – #VLTV #FreeShaefferCox

Victurus Libertas VLTV Published on Jul 15, 2018 We have been given permission and encouraged to rebroadcast this speech on our platforms. Schaeffer Cox is being held in a secretive federal prison within a prison called a CMU (Communication Management … Continue reading

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House Joint Resolution 192 and Congressional “Intent”

   Judge Anna von Reitz I have been asked to comment on HJR 192 and the whole subject of Congressional Intent. A “Joint ResolutIon” is like a New Year’s Resolution. It has no force of law, but it does clearly … Continue reading

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Page 2: False Claims by World Bank and IMF

   Judge Anna von Reitz I gave you the first part of Ms. Hudes’ explanation to Japanese officials alleging that the Secondary Creditors (World Bank and IMF) had superior claims to control our country, our land, and our assets than … Continue reading

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