Schaeffer Cox The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty – #VLTV #FreeShaefferCox

Published on Jul 15, 2018

We have been given permission and encouraged to rebroadcast this speech on our platforms. Schaeffer Cox is being held in a secretive federal prison within a prison called a CMU (Communication Management Unit) in Terre Haute, Indiana. Sounds more like a re-education camp. We have been approved and are in contact to communicate with Schaeffer via CCORLinks email system. All correspondence is closely monitored. We believe that Shaeffer is being illegally detained because of his strict constitutional views. We will be releasing interviews shortly with those that have been intimate with Schaeffer’s case and instrumental in helping to get his story out to the public and POTUS Trump. Please subscribe & Like us on Patreon – We are on ROKU – Channel VLTV To learn more – go here FREE SCHAEFFER COX – and – Year of Jubilee Schaeffer Cox – The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty… Department of INjustice: The Untold Story of Schaeffer Cox… The secret US prisons you’ve never heard of before | Will Potter… Please feel free to write Schaeffer Cox a letter in prison Francis Schaeffer Cox #16179-006 FCI Terre Haute PO Box 33 Terre Haute, IN. 47808 If you have questions, send email to or call me at 972-839-9848. When Justice is Blind – The Story of Francis Schaeffer Cox…


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