Have No Part of Any “Warrants” — Warning!!

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Now, apparently, some of the partially-informed and half-baked among us are sending out “Warrants for Arrest” addressed to whoever they disagree with. Not only is this a “threat” within the meaning of the Public Law being made against living people, it is also an act arguably well-within the meaning of “paper terrorism” under statutory law.

It is also an attempted infringement of everyone else’s free speech.

This idea that you can go around sending out “warrants” for the arrest of other people based on your opinions needs to be squelched. With prejudice.

This latest plague of nonsense will either be: (a) laughed out of the courtroom or (b) more likely used as an excuse to “make an example out of” more people.

Look at what happened to Bruce Doucette — 38 years in federal prison. He thought he knew more about this stuff than I did, too.

Whoever came up with this one lacks basic knowledge of our history and is a few bricks short of a load when it comes to basic logic.

Let’s get this straight: The United States of America is a Federation of States formed on September 9, 1776.

The actual entity doing business as The United States of America has nothing to do with any Scottish corporation doing business under conditions of copyright infringement and fraud, and therefore nothing to do with Keith Livingway and claims to own “The United States of America” by seizing it back from Scottish pirates.

The Maxim of Law is: Possession by pirates does not change ownership. The name “The United States of America” and the Federation of States it stands for belongs to the American States and People, despite whatever Scottish criminals did a century and a half ago. Fraud has no statute of limitations. Period.

So if you have been following the Pied Piper — stop. There is no way that Keith Livingway has any valid claim to own or operate The United States of America— any more than his Scottish predecessors did.

Now we have the Bank of Scotland trying to front yet another fake — “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LTD” — another infringement against our Good Name. I guess you know what we are going to tell the Scottish Government? And Keith Livingway and all his followers, too?

The States of America [also Unincorporated] is a Confederation of States of States formed on March 1, 1781.

That is the entity that was created by The Articles of Confederation and which operated under The Constitution for the united States of America.

Just look at the name of the organization that is attached to the original Constitution —- “united” what? States of America.

They — The United States of America and the States of America are two completely different entities formed on different days composed of different “states” and operating in different capacities in two different jurisdictions of the law.

The United States of America and its States exercise the plenary sovereign powers of the States in international jurisdiction.

The States of America and its States of States are supposed to exercise the powers delegated to them under “The Constitution for the united States of America”—-but they have been moth-balled since 1868.

And they cannot “self-restore” because they operate under Delegated Power.

You have to have a “Federation” before you can have a “Confederation”. You have to have a “State” before you can have a “State of State”.

We are in the process of assembling the States.

The States will then “re-constitute” and “reconstruct” the Federal States of America: The State of Georgia, The State of Ohio, The State of Vermont….

And the “Reconstruction” necessitated by the bogus Civil War will finally and officially be over. The Federal Government operated by the States of America will be back in business, free and clear.

The tail will no longer be wagging the dog.

Until then, people need to settle down, think straight, learn their history, follow the logic of organization, stop dancing to Pied Pipers and definitely have nothing to do with issuing any “warrants for arrest” based on false claims and assumptions.

And if you think you can have a “State of Florida” of any kind without having a “Florida” first —- think again.


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