Proof of World Bank “Gang of 300” Collusion and Criminality

   Judge Anna von Reitz

The last several days I have posted copies of Karen Hudes’ false claims about our government and the condition of our government and alleging that the World Bank Board of Governors gave her authority to “cast our votes” in behalf of the Territorial United States.

We have replied that the Territorial United States is under contract to us, not the other way around, and that we will speak for ourselves in all matters affecting our assets.

Here is proof of their criminality and collusion spanning the whole world and affecting all people. They are attempting the overthrow of all the sovereign governments on Earth via control of banks and misappropriation of Historic Trust Assets.

See attached.

[FB readers go to my website: This document is 144 pages explaining what these vermin have proposed to do with the world’s wealth, including yours.

“Spiritual Wonder Boy” my rump! I’ll show them where the “missing” owners are, and in short order, too.]


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