Threatened With Contempt

How about a little courtroom etiquette?

The idea is that the court is supposed to be a neutral place where people come to settle their differences in a civilized (hence the term civil) manner; kind of like a game of tennis. Unfortunately, they are more often used like a racket to collect money to pay back debt. The government is bankrupt and owes banknotes to the Federal Reserve Bank so it has an interest in the collection of debts by its franchisees. Their position that anyone who doesn’t care about their freedom to know the laws of the land and procedure is a corporate franchisee (slave) by tacit admission and is responsible for the paying of their debt.

One thing you must realize is that bringing these laws and facts to the record of the court shakes the very foundation upon which these people base their careers. They study for so many years to learn how to take advantage of the people and here you go, into their port with a superior flag and crush their ambition.

It’s a wonder you are not threatened with contempt of court!

If you are threatened with contempt, you can keep steady composure by asking for a judicial determination on the record whether the contempt is civil or criminal. This puts the judge on the spot and forces him to confess onto the record of the court what the jurisdiction of the court is.

If the answer is civil, ask to see the contract and state that you do not agree to the terms of the contract.

If the judge answers criminal, ask who is the injured party, what is the crime, and who is making the complaint. 

This strategy really works and it binds the judge into making a judicial determination on the record of the court as to the nature of the venue and can get you out of a contempt charge.


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