Tip of the Spear – A Call To Lead The Charge Onto The Field of Battle – For the Hearts and Minds and Souls of the Children of Slave Colony Planet Earth – by Sun Tzu

Raking the Faking, by Sun Tzu,

Brothers and Sisters,

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, hear ye, hear ye;

For so many years we have been victimized by a Deep State Crime Syndicate burrowed far and hidden deep, who say we have the 5th Amendment, the right to stay silent, the right to not self-incriminate, but then this Deep State Fundraising Force called the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forces us to hand over all our personal financial information, so that they may imprison us, fine us, hand over our most successful business models, our proprietary information, so the Deep State may, in turn, sell it to their highest of friends, the IRS is a henchmen with a gun, a pimp with some brass knuckles, or accountants and mathematicians who were too shitty to do anything else but steal from the people and too dumb to know that they’re working for a Crime Syndicate operating at the behest of a Queen, being backdoor diddled by a POPE!

Do you not remember our founding American fathers said, NO TAX ON TAX, how exactly then is it possible that we still pay hundreds of different taxes, all going for the same thing, city, county, state, federal, roads, roads, roads, schools, schools, schools, then why are our bridges flunking, streets sucking, and our schools absolutely shitting on our children heads?!?!  So who else but the British Royalty have the angst to sing us a lullaby, diddle us silly, and screw us while we willy slept!

Think that’s nifty?  Ever bought anything from the GSA, or government auction, or DEA auction, did you ever wonder why any time you actually got to buy something that there was a mad crazy rush on the money, you literally had your finger pounding the button, and you barely won the prize, too bad it was for a million quadrillion dollars, almost brand new price, too bad it was driven off the lot ten years ago.  Yes, the crime syndicate knows all very well the buyer’s rush and the buyer’s remorse!  Nothing like the fraudster’s easy greenbacks!

Victimless Crimes Right?!!
But who am I to judge!  The Supreme Court of the United States said in Will vs. Michigan Department of State Police, 1989, that the city, the county, the state, and the fed, are all corporations, not really living persons, because corporations are fiction just like the dead, and cannot be the injured party, not because they are lacking being hearty, but simply because, they do not exist. Do you know what that means?!?!  So for no rhyme or reason, without being in season, It means almost everyone in jail, shouldn’t be there, because it was the city, county, state, and fed, that were claiming to be the victim and could not, without purporting extreme fraud against whom? The real victim, of course, is the innocent party, the one rotting in jail!

So hear ye hear ye, my friendly good kind loving brothers and sisters.  I call you now, to charge onto the field of battle.  If you have been feeling that feeling and not knowing what it was, it was that you were waking and no longer taking to the lies of the flies or the faking that’s raking the children of Earth from birth and on to under the turf.  Stand with me now and gather around, for wow oh wow round abound, you and I are here for a purpose, reincarnated to slay the beast, and have a big old God blessed feast!

Join your local jural assembly and take back your God given rights that you were born with, FREEWILL, they cannot take away from you if you shove it up their butts!  Stand and be recognized!  You are activated!  Around the world, Stand and BE RECOGNIZED!  Is your government corrupt?  Did you just find out that all the corrupt governments are in bed together and fracking over all the innocent children of the earth with fraud, murder, poisonings, and lies?  Get organized!  Join your local jural assembly, where we get to do that thing that the Bill of Rights and its First Amendment gives you the right to do!  Peaceful Assembly!

To follow in the footsteps of our American forefathers, place your name on the scrolls of history, and join the rolls of the National Assembly so that you may make history and take back your future!  No more will our countryfolk be sold down the Shanghai River, our jobs shipped overseas, our infrastructure intentionally weakened, our bridges crumbling, our planes falling from the sky, our helicopters smashing, all while streaking hazy clouds of atomized metal oxides are sprayed at 60,000 feet above our heads, they call it global warming, I say its geoengineering and chemtrails and really spraying poison, go get bent and really dead!

Release the secret weapon!
Unseal all those sealed indictments, and I mean the 3 million that haven’t shown up yet on Pacer.gov to the 40,000 plus sealed indictments that are already there too.  Just like Qanon said, 1 in 10 has committed treason!

Release the Arrests !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Release the Military Tribunals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be on the National Assembly Call, where we pave our way forward after waking up and finding out the ship was headed for the rocky shores, but now we are headed back out to sea, wind in our sails, swashbuckling sailors, ready to hang a bunch of dirty, swindling pirates!  Yar!

Email your First Name, County, and State to:


or Register in the forums and introduce yourself so your state coordinator can connect with you.
Join our Conference Call EVERY Thursday evening: 6pm Pacific – 7pm Mountain – 8pm Central – 9pm Eastern
First hour is assembly business – Second hour is general discussion
Call Number: 1-712-770-4160  Participant Access Code: 226823#


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