The Land Grab From Hell – The Burst of the 2008 Housing Bubble

by: David-william.
on this twenty-seventh day of the seventh month
in the year of two thousand, and eighteen
anno noster

The cause of the Housing Bubble and it’s catastrophic burst has been blamed on many contributing factors; the Mark to Market Regulation and it’s effect on bundling, the termination of Glass-Steagle, making the availability of “mortgages” to people who couldn’t really “afford” them. Really, the best lies are tangent to reality. All these factors are merely surface disturbances on an artificial cartoon character. Those who orchestrate the usury and banking fraud around the world don’t make such gigantic errors. The entire banking system is very carefully controlled by evil people. There is no real substance in the system other than the product of theft. The Banksters steal the energy of the people and charge the people interest to use their own energy.

There are no “loans” and the Banks have no money to “loan” because it’s a completely fictional system. The ugliest part is that the creditors, the people, have been used as collateral for an artificial DEBT in an artificial bankruptcy. In order to get away with using the people as cash cows without getting prosecuted for enslavement and war crime and trafficking, the Banksters are required to give people the power to discharge all their living requirements/expenses as “prepaid” against the enormous amounts taken from them.

Is this true? Yes, it most certainly is. Why doesn’t it happen? Think! The Banksters are busy robbing and enslaving everyone and the plan is hidden from the people. When the people finally figure it out, what few that there are, the battle to make it work becomes an uphill fight because the process is quite well concealed and it requires the will and cunning of a fox to finally make it.

There were no mortgages and there were no foreclosures. The people were hoodwinked into thinking they borrowed money and tricked into thinking they had a loan to repay, so when the big artificial bubble burst, it was like a giant harvest or more accurately described, a physical and spiritual meltdown of the people, their families, their lives, and their homes.

The Banksters and their B.A.R. Attorneys who participate in such piracy would leave the world in a better way if they were all tried and hanged for such human rights violations. We would all be much better off if they were dead. Any other form of punishment would be an immeasurable burden upon the world. Their only saving grace is the profound ignorance of the population. Even though everything described in this Article is real information, the average bloke just cannot comprehend what seems to be too labor intensive to learn.

Imagine the heart-wrenching cries from all the lower wage earners who were kicked out of their dream, their own homes. Imagine all the negative energy rising from our world to feed the evil darkness through the work of the Crown-Vatican-Swiss Banksters. It’s deeply saddening just to think of it. Many families were thrown to the curb so the Jesuits could launder all the stolen properties through their FEDERAL RESERVE pit of HELL.

The video below clearly demonstrates the roles played by those who acted as the Order Takers for their Satanic leaders. Obama, Order of the Jesters, under the Shriners, actually got his sorry @$$ into Office as de facto CEO after he helped to destroy the little folks. He should be kept in a cell until dead for his war crimes.

What’s really upsetting is that black people across America were ecstatic and thrilled to believe they got a black President, only to learn eventually that he did nothing for them. His greatest accomplishment was to prove that the Nobel Peace Prize is worth less than nothing.

The video moves along at a very fast pace. Just watch it. You can stop and start it, as you choose, when you watch it again. Please share this with your friends. Ask them to share it with their friends, too. Everyone needs to learn how to get out of these chains. There are nasty people who are out to kill you and our earth because their souls thrive upon the misery of others. Do what you can to stop them. Open your eyes and your mind, and spread the truth.

Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

This video is an informative look at the factors that are causing our current financial and economic crisis. It discusses policy changes, 13 years ago, that unleashed the sub-prime mortgage-backed securities market, which accelerated prices erratically, inviting speculation and loose lending practices which were both encouraged and condoned  by existing regulation and carried out by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and risk-blind executives.

Click on this for: Burning Down The House


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