A Great Shaking Very Soon; the ‘Great Planetary Alignment’ We’re in, and the Eclipse Tonight, July 27th 2018

From 9th July to 21st of August all of the major planets and many of the dwarf planets are on the same side of the sun in what is called ‘a grand planetary alignment’. If the Nibiru and its planetary system are also on the same side, what have we got? A whole lot. Jesus predicts a great shaking very soon!. Mary: Tribulation will begin on a Friday. This Friday there is a lunar eclipse, which is called a blood moon eclipse.

A Grand planetary Alignment occurs from July 9th to August 21st this year, 2018

In the middle of this alignment, this Friday on July 27th, there will be a lunar eclipse. It is centered over the Middle East, Africa and Antarctica. Antipode (opposite) to this eclipse is the West Coast of North America, when at the time of the eclipse, on the West Coast it will be early afternoon.

image lunar eclipse July 27th 2018

The sun is in Cancer The full moon will be opposite in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn. Pluto and Saturn, next door, are in Sagittarius, while Neptune, on the other side of Capricorn, is in Aquarius. From where we live, we can see Venus, Jupiter, the Moon and Mars arrayed across the evening sky, from West to East, just after sunset.

A time-lapse video of the sunset taken earlier, on July 6th from the Netherlands, when the sun was in Gemini and the moon in Pisces (in its last quarter), shows a brief eclipse of the sun. Whether or not this indicates that the Nibiru or one of its planets/moons passed in front of the sun, I don’t know. But it is a possibility.

8,44 pm
July 6th 2018
The Netherlands
sort of an eclipse of the setting sun

image sun eclipsed briefly over the Netherlands on July 6th.

If the Nibiru sun and its planetary system is on this side of the sun – on the same side as the Grand Planetary Alignment, then indeed we have a much stronger Grand Planetary Alignment than if it were not on the same side.

Jesus predicts ‘A GREAT SHAKING very soon’

Thursday, July 19, 2018

‘What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?  Mark 8:36

“What will become of the one who exchanges truth for tolerance, holiness for haughtiness, grace for greed?

Soon will come a great shaking. Very soon. Even now plans of the evil one are in motion. Will the foundations you have built withstand the approaching storms? His plans to steal, kill and destroy are in place; reducing to rubble foundations built by the hands of man. I have admonished you to sweep clean your house, removing everything that is not of Me. Pride, arrogance, sexual sins, (in thought, word or deed). Wood, hay and stubble will not withstand the winds of change that are coming.”

Mary’s prediction
given on February 13th, 2010

“O calvário da humanidade começará em uma sexta-feira, mas a Vitória de Deus virá em seguida e vós sereis conduzidos ao Grande Dia da Vitória…”

The calvario of the humanity will begin on a Friday

The Captain of a flying saucer from Ganymede:

“Q: Yes, I would like to know what dangers we are laying ourselves open to with the advent of the atomic age, but first I would like to hear more about this new Sun.

A: It is a body of monstrous proportions which will shortly become visible in the direction of Cancer. It will not, however, emit any light as the light of a Sun only becomes intense when it enters into a secondary magnetic field such as our solar system. It begins to rotate on entering such a field. It deforms space around itself and generates currents which give rise to its brilliance, if it were luminous beforehand, its light would set up a force of repulsion, and it would be deflected from its path. With no luminosity, it becomes subject to the pressure of our Sun, but its own momentum will ensure that it enters our system.

It will first be seen as a reddish light, later turning to blue. After reaching the area of the large planetary bodies, it will encounter the repulsive force of the Sun, but in its rear it will then have the weight of large bodies, also imparting a force of repulsion to it in the opposite direction. The force of repulsion of the planets behind it, the light it gives off and its great mass will cause the present Sun to move further away from the magnetic center of our system. Then the two Suns will settle down in their new orbits, the one of greater mass and lesser light being nearer the center (see Fig. 4, at link).

Two Suns in the solar system will create difficult problems. The orbits of all the planets will be changed. Mercury will move into the area between the present orbits of Venus and the Earth. Venus will move out to a position between the present orbit of the Earth and Mars. The Earth will feel the effect before the new Sun settles down in its definitive orbit. As the luminosity of this body increases, the pressure of this light will cause the Moon to move out of its orbit, and it will settle in a position that will turn it into a planet. With this displacement, it will take with it part of the etheric mass of the Earth, which will impart to it a stabilized movement. The Earth, in turn, under the pressure of the Twin Suns, will move out into the area now occupied by the planetoids. In short, there will be a general displacement of all the bodies belonging to ‘our system’. Pluto will be ejected from the system and will wander through space until it finds some new haven.

The entry of a new Sun into our system would throw the Earth out into an orbit between Mars and Jupiter now occupied by the planetoids. All the planetary orbits will be altered. There will be turmoil1 but this will be bearable as the repulsive force of the new Sun will speedily restore order. When the new Sun reaches it maximum luminosity the Earth will already be in its appointed place in the system. There will certainly be a change in the fauna, but life will continue, probably under better conditions than before.”


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