Willing Participants Wanted To Take Part In Class Action Lawsuit On Behalf of National Assembly – Call To Peaceful Assembly – All Emails Blocked when containing, “https://.national-assembly.net” – by Sun Tzu

Dear Readers,

If you try to email a friend the National Assembly website link, you will find the email does not make it to the recipient.

If you try to email (forward) the mailer daemon, the email will be received and marked as containing malware or phishing malware in the email, and the contents will not be viewable unless you click, “accept the risk anyway.”

We are calling upon you awakened citizens worldwide to be willing participants in a Class Action Lawsuit against the Deep State Cabal Crime Syndicate Censorship of peaceful peoples conducting their peaceful business (as both key witnesses and victims).  The Bill of Rights and the First Article to the Bill of Rights, guarantees the inalienable rights to gather in peaceful assembly.

How on Earth can we peacefully communicate and assemble if our emails are being blocked?

Let’s all get together here and now and build an army of Class Action Lawsuit Participants(victims) to smash the “Deep State” censorship of peaceful peoples.

To participate:

First, contact a friend and ask them if they would be willing to run a test with you.

Attempt to email to the friend the following web address:


(In the body or the subject line)

If you receive a mailer daemon, please try to forward that mailer daemon to the same friend.

If you performed the above instructions by attempting to email a friend and experienced censorship (blocking/marked as spam/marked malware) of your email communication and are also absolutely willing to be a participant (victim) in the Class Action Lawsuit, please email your first name and phone number to:


Thank you for taking a stand against our greatest enemy.  Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Thank you!


Sun Tzu


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