How I met “Freewill” by Sun Tzu

It was a couple of years ago when I started reading of Anna Von Reitz.  There was an immediate resounding truth that resonated with the words of this “grandma” as she calls herself.

It was not until later on that I learned from “Freewill” that Anna Von Reitz is actually a retired Federal U.S. Postal Judge.  Not many people have heard of those, but if you go and commit some felonies by way of U.S. mail, I am quite positive you will meet someone like Anna.

Once I found the path, it was straightforward for me.  My wife and I run a successful business.  I have many personal reasons to be very upset at the crime syndicate, those saved for another day.

Once I found the Michigan Jural Assembly, I realized that a small group of patriots were recreating and following in the footsteps of our American forefathers to recreate the continental congress that had not been in session since 1862, start the Civil War.  Once I discovered that the United States government was actually just a de facto corporation masquerading as lawful governance, I wanted in!

That is when I met him, the man under the mask, named, “Freewill.”  He is a peaceful fellow, hardly known to use cuss words, never in print form, and rarely on the phone.  He is a family man, a mechanic, and a very intelligent linux operator.  You see, “Freewill” runs both Nesara News Blogspot ( and the National Assembly Website (  (Speaking of which, Freewill is so dead on, on his mission, that if you try to email a friend the link:  You will find that the email will be blocked.  Try to forward the mailer daemon to a friend and the recipient will receive a blocked email flagged with phishing malware.  The crime syndicate only does something like that if you are hitting the nail right on the head.  Go and check it out, join the American forefathers by recreating the history they did way back when around 1776.)

After my wife and I were nearly run off the road intentionally at high speeds and the same day a $5,000 attempted transfer on my wife’s BofA checking account from China, all for an article I wrote, that “Freewill” published, titled, “MILITARY TRIBUNALS – TRUTH | RECONCILIATION | FORGIVENESS,” Freewill told me, “I lost my house last time they came for me.  But I just love to poke a bear in the eye with a sharp stick!”

And so our friendship was forged.  Because we both like to poke a bear in the eye with a really sharp stick!

Please donate to help “Freewill” with his legal bills, family, server, IT, costs, he will be away for 90 days as of today, every dollar you donate in the next week, I will match it.

Thank you for supporting a PATRIOT named FREEWILL whom CONTINUALLY fights for your FREEDOM(S).

I still to this day do not know my friend’s face (Freewill’s), but post-liberation of slave colony planet Earth, I look forward to shaking his hand in person.  If you have not yet had the chance to make his acquaintance, email your first name, county, and state to:

or visit

and register in the forums.

Join the National Assembly as we march towards freedom, re-establishing our jural assemblies, which has not happened since our American forefathers first gathered together to form the Republic body politic and as a guaranteed innate and inalienable right found in the Bill of Rights, First Amendment, “The right to peaceful assembly,” the peaceful assembly of the jural assemblies!


Make sure to be on this Thursday’s National Assembly Conference Call (Info Below):

Register in the forums and introduce yourself so your state coordinator can connect with you.

Join our Conference Call EVERY Thursday evening: 6pm Pacific – 7pm Mountain – 8pm Central – 9pm Eastern
First hour is assembly business – Second hour is general discussion
Call Number: 1-712-770-4160  Participant Access Code: 226823#
For anyone having trouble dialing in to the conference call: Use a backup number. 1-716-293-9720 then when prompted enter ( do NOT use 1)  enter 712-770-4160# then 226823#.


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