Slave-Masters, Signatures, and Slaves

I helped Freewill the last time he was in jail.
We are NOT slaves, but we act like it AND they let us.
Freewill signed. What part of that did you miss?
You keep signing. He who saves his life shall be last.
Do you know, if they take you in without your signature, they sweat out the days to get it.
And I mean sweat.
They say things to get it. Ask Rod Class.
They know you have attachments to the world, your family, your house, so they dangle the attachment to you so you will give them your signature. You pay for Freewill to have what already belongs to him.
You pay for him to be free.
He pays to be free. Those are contracts, those are agreements.You attack me to help him stay in hidden agreements?
You attack me for saying he should ride it out….when they grab him he should not have given them a damn thing.

The longer they keep him with no signature, the longer they engage in slavery.

As soon as you sign, it’s not slavery anymore, it’s a contract.

Go back and look at Alex Haley’s Roots movie.
They kidnapped those men then they took them before a man and made them sign an X.
But it was under duress when the X was put on that paper.
Another man held their hand and made them make that X.
Freewill; no one held his hand and made him make his ‘mark’ with the enemy.
He did it on his own.

Your freedom comes when you stop signing their papers.
When you suffer their injury, then make them sweat for not getting your signature.
They try to get it in jail, or they move you to a mental side of jail to try to get it, or they move you to a mental institution to try to get it.

All of it is mind.
When you don’t let them change your mind when they take you like a slave, they have no power.

The entire control is contracts and signatures.

Patriots only know how to fight, so patriots lose.
Stop doing as you are told to do.

They are NOT your God.

Why do you care if a costumed man you want to call a hero, takes you to jail?
The jail wants your signature because they took your clothes, then they want your signature because they took your picture, then they want your signature to say you were accused of some nonsense, and they want your signature when they let you out, and a signature when you go to court, and a signature if you bail out, and a signature if you hire an attorney. You want to attack me for saying that they laugh at us and say we are in jail because we agree to be there.
They pick people to say that you are guilty; that you will sign their judgment.
If they force you to give your thumbprint, you fail to write it was given by force.All you know is fight, fight, fight because you were told that’s that’s the way to do it.They know who you are, and you make threats at them. They act on your threat and you play the victim who was attacked. You called the war first. You claimed to want to fight to settle your dispute.
They don’t have to fight fair, and they will come to your fight. It’s an open invitation.

Yes, where you go one, you go all. Either to your death, to a Fema camp near you, to attacks on your safety, to economic hardship, to your political group round-up/rapture/capture.

It’s a verbal contract, that all of you go, where one of you go.
Your word is as binding as your signature.

Don’t be mad at me. You don’t read what I write, or you ignore it because it’s absurd that you do it to yourself.
That’s why they are in control, and you will vote in November to keep them in control over you.

It’s not my problem.

I stopped giving them my consent a long time ago.

I would never say, where someone goes I go too, not even for that Christ Conscience because it’s all hearsay and you are bound by the agreements you enter into.
It is assumed that you know what you do.
Posted by Sun Tzu


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