The Logic of the Situation — Again, For All Those Not Quite Understanding:

   Judge Anna von Reitz

As an American State national– which is your birthright political standing which was stolen from you within days after you were born— you are owed security for your “person” and “property” under the Constitution(s) creating all three levels of the Federal Government. Under the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions you are also owed just compensation for any property confiscated by any “occupying Army” and are also held harmless and indemnified against any “loss or damage” that results from their use of your property.

“United States citizens” are not owed any such guarantees. Now maybe you begin to understand why these criminals have gone to so much trouble to obscure your standing as an American State national and teach you to mindlessly “accept” the idea that you are a “US citizen” when you aren’t and most likely never have been.

Now, this comes as Big News to most Americans, but we have been “occupied” by our own under-contract “US Army” since the Civil War and that mercenary conflict has never been ended by any Peace Treaty. The Federal States of States we are owed were torn asunder and never completely “reconstructed”. As a result, Territorial and Municipal “states of states” stepped into the gap and usurped upon our States and our original States of States in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract.

The original Federal States of States, such as The State of Georgia and The State of Maine, were moth-balled and their assets rolled over into State trusts, doing business as — for example, the Georgia State and the Maine State.

The usurping Territorial “states of states” such as the State of Wisconsin took over, and when these were bankrupted in 1933, Municipal “states of states” took over and did business as, for example, the STATE OF OHIO.

None of these are the government you are owed and none of them have done any reputable job of “representing” your States which are not “states of states” at all, but actual sovereign States doing business as Ohio, Wisconsin, Maine, and so on.

So the original Federal states of states which were formed under The Articles of Confederation (March 1, 1781) were moth-balled in 1868. The usurping Territorial and Municipal states of states have been repeatedly bankrupted and rendered incompetent as a result. All three branches of the “Federal Government” have most recently been rendered incompetent at the same time and the Delegated Powers of the Federal Government have returned to the People and States that delegated those powers in the first place.

From your perspective as an American in the midst of this mess, there are two urgent issues:

You have to get the record of your actual political status established in order to claim back your property out of the bankruptcy slush pile and enforce the guarantees you are owed.

You have to assemble with other eligible American State nationals to reboot your local County (not “County of”) and State (not “State of”) and prepare to operate your actual sovereign government and take care of business.

Both these things have to be addressed and done in order for you and your children to inherit back what is rightfully yours.

Now, both the Territorial and the Municipal “United States” are bankrupt. You cannot bring claims against bankrupt corporations and just expect that they are going to be paid. There is a whole pecking order of who and what gets “first dibs” on the assets of “the State of Wisconsin” and the “STATE OF CALIFORNIA”.

Thanks to The Living Law Firm, the pre-existing and paramount claim of both the sovereign States and the Federal States of States, have been brought forward as Priority Creditors secured and indemnified against loss or damage.

As a result, the land and other assets of this country — including yours — are secured against seizure by secondary, mostly international bank, creditors of both the Territorial and Municipal United States.

And any claim that your actual government ceased to function or that our land and other assets are “abandoned chattel” have been put to rest.

You are safe and you are enabled to receive back your land and other assets free and clear because of The Living Law Firm. Nobody else took action on your part. Nobody else filed the claims and liens. Nobody else updated your currency —the American Silver Dollar. Everyone else was either: (1) asleep at the wheel; or (2) profiting from the usurpation; or (3) in on the scheme to steal everything that is yours by right via false commercial claims.

So, while we understand that everyone is suffering, it could be a lot worse and would have been if not for The Living Law Firm.

Remember that you are “insured” against confiscation of your assets and against “loss and damage” — but also remember that the Territorial and Municipal United States are both bankrupt. So they have no money and no credit that is available to pay you.

This is why the old “accepted for value” process that was supposed to be your means of recoupment and protection from losses (and the excuse used by the Congress back in the 1930’s to steal everything from you including your Good Name) doesn’t work anymore. A bankrupt entity is not free to conduct its own business. The pecking order of the Creditors has to be observed with regard to any claim on the bankrupt entity and its assets. So where does that leave you, Joe Average?

Well, you can’t use an “A4V” even if you wanted to and even if you had been taught how to do that, because they don’t have any money or credit available to pay off the debts they have run up against your assets. What next?

You issue an indemnity bond against their assets and against their underwriter’s assets, which is precisely why The Living Law Firm established liens against all the States of States and STATES OF STATES and against all the underwriters of these organizations worldwide— and then went on to establish an indemnity bond at the U.S. Treasury for you and your States and the Federal State of State Trusts.

Even though the perps responsible for this situation have no money and no credit, you can claim right through them and snag their insurance underwriters who caused this whole problem in the first place — and that is what we have done to save your bacon.

Instead of doing an “Accepted for Value” against credit owed to you by the bankrupt entities, you do the equivalent of an “Accepted for Value” using the Indemnity Bond to claim against their underwriters — the Queen and the Holy See, respectively.

The Indemnity Bond Number is: AMRI00001 RA 393 427 640 US.

So, don’t panic. Don’t think that you have to learn everything overnight or that this is an “impossible” bureaucratic conundrum or that you are all alone and adrift. The Living Law Firm got everything set up in time.

All you have to do is claim your correct political status, which you should do to protect yourself in any event, using the process and templates associated with Article 928 on my website:

And then make up your mind that you are going to get busy and “assemble” with other American State nationals to reboot your lawful Counties and lawful States of the Union and tend to business.

This is nothing “new” really. This is not our First Rodeo. We have the structures and the means in place to address the issues. We are not in any condition of insurrection or rebellion. We are simply taking care of our own business on our own behalf instead of “entrusting” it to anyone else— which is our absolute and unequivocal right.

So keep your heads screwed on tight and realize that this is business. It’s not politics. And also realize that without the work of The Living Law Firm, the rats would have gotten away scot-free and left you with their bill and no way to pay it or re-address it to them.

Which brings me to a final point. Except for prompt and appropriate action by The Living Law Firm, everything you own, everything you think of as yours, would be up for grabs, at the mercy of criminals and without recourse from the international bankers. And that’s just the way THEY wanted it.

Think about that and think about the irony that after we have given everything back to you, provided for your protection and the protection of your State of the Union—- Grandma’s “cupboard” is bare. We are still here in the trenches, still doing all this on nothing but cookie jar and mattress money.

So if you value what has been done for you and the fact that you still have a country to come home to and an indemnity bond that protects you and your family and your State of the Union— and you want The Living Law Firm to continue it’s work—- send what you can. We are at push come to shove here with all the final “repatriation” work left to do

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