Who Started the Rot?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

By the “rot” we mean all the lies to the effect that people “voluntarily” agreed to enslave themselves and give all their assets to the British Crown in exchange for “benefits” that they in fact paid for, plus more—- even themselves.

It was what we now call the Democratic Party. Southern Democrats to be exact.

They saw the opportunity to keep black people enslaved and serving to pay off public debts instead of private debts — and that’s what they did. They seized title to the freed plantation slaves as chattel securing the public debt. They set up the entire racket, while claiming to be the champions of the poor and the colored and the down-trodden.

The historical record shows that the Democrats fought against giving black people the right to hold office, elect public officials, or have any other significant role in public life —- other than to work hard and pay for public services and infrastructure. It was the Republicans — Abraham Lincoln’s Party– that fought to give black people and others of color a voice and share. And failed.

Who extended the enslavement racket to white people?

A Democrat, again, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Political parties have nothing to do with our actual government and are foreign to our election process — they were introduced after the Civil War to encourage participation in foreign corporate elections in lieu of actual public elections— to make people think that public elections were still occurring and to give the perpetrators an excuse to claim that the unwitting victims were “volunteering” to function as Federal Citizens, give up their private property, and submit themselves to the Queen (Territorial United States) or Pope (Municipal United States) or both.

This gross deception in Breach of Trust has resulted in the American Government and the American People being betrayed, our resources commandeered and stolen, the value of our resources including our labor and our time on earth— stolen, even the insurance value of our lives reduced to “life force value annuities” seized by fraud by foreign princes.

Nobody in this country has suffered more than black people. Bar none, they have taken it in the teeth harder and longer than anyone else but the American Indians.

So, yes, it burns my buns that so many colored people cling to the Democratic Party, thinking that these deceitful politicians are their friends and defenders and champions — when the historical and practical record shows that the Democrats were instrumental in keeping generations of black Americans enslaved and to this day, have been instrumental in denying them their Natural and Unalienable Rights and suspending their hard-won “Equal Civil Rights”.

These vermin love to get us slugging our friends and idolizing our enemies, eating poison and turning up our noses to good healthy food, breathing polluted air and setting our standards lower and lower, until there is no dream and no value to anything, accepting a pittance of “welfare” while they spend our inheritance.

As my Father explained to me when I was a little girl — the Communists steal everything and run it, but they also pay for it; the Fascists steal title to everything, run it via regulation, and leave you to pay for it, too.

I think it is pretty obvious what kind of usurpation we have suffered in this country, that it is a fascist rot, well-advanced and fat as a maggot. Now is the time to wake up and smell the Nazis and have sense enough to know that they are not, for the most part, Republicans. They are trotting around pretending to be fashionable Leftist Democrats, instead.

The fact is…..

There should be no political parties running our country and we shouldn’t be participating in these foreign corporation elections — unless we really are Territorial “citizens’.

There should be no Republicans and no Democrats — no billions of dollars spent on popularity contests and snarky commentators, glitter and confetti and balloons and lobbyists. We’ve accepted it like everything else, on faith, without comment, because that’s the way it was when we arrived on the scene and it never occurred to us to question it.

It is past time we did. Spread the word to the herd. Take a look at the books. There are generations of Democratic Party voting records standing solidly against colored people, working people, poor people, women, environmental issues —- all the things and people they pretend to champion, and which they actually vote against.

Strange but true, at least if you believe the Democratic Party propaganda— you can thank Republicans for most of what stands for “social progress” over the past 150 years, and also thank them for the economic growth that leads to jobs and security for families of all kinds and colors.

And that’s coming from someone on the outside, someone that doesn’t belong to any political party or vote in any of these foreign corporate elections.

I’m just telling you the facts. The Truth. I have no ax to grind, no reason but their own filthy deceitful voting record to dislike the Democratic Party.

Take a look at what Donald Trump is actually accomplishing in terms of economic growth and reducing unemployment?

And then look at the petty witch hunt, the whining, senseless, sickening display of partisan preening and willingness to squander hundreds of millions of dollars worth of resources being provided by the Democratic Party.

We all know who colluded with the Russians to sell 20% of our Uranium for their own gain, and guess what? It was Hillary Clinton. Not Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party should be whipped. Not just beaten at the polls. Whipped, Kicked not just to the curb, but kicked into the next county. Burned down. Turned out on the streets. Left decimated. Just like they have turned millions of Americans out on the street thanks to their failure to oppose foreclosure fraud and their salacious back-rubbing with the big banks.

Those of you who really are Federal Citizens — those who are stuck in servitude —and whose only ability to do anything rides on a once-every-two-to-four-years visit to a voting booth, please, look and listen. This country is your employer, your protector, your only friend, and if it goes down, so do you. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to research the actual, factual Democratic Party record. Do so.

Then, after you are done vomiting, save your own bacon — and everyone else’s.


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