A BIG Mistake

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Apparently, Destry and some others, have fallen into the mistaken idea that you can just join a Jural Assembly and voila! You are home again, free and clear, and all questions and issues regarding your identity and political status are magically answered.

Here’s a quote from an email I sent out this morning addressing this:

“…..you have to work backward from being in international sea jurisdiction to bring in the international land jurisdiction and finally, back to being recorded as a living man or woman of the soil jurisdiction owed to this country.

A great deal of time and effort over many decades has been expended in the effort to steal your birthright from you.

You are naive if you think that reclaiming it is going to be effortless or unnecessary.

I wish it could be just a matter of joining a Jural Assembly, but it isn’t.

The way they have you classified, it’s improper for you to participate in a Jural Assembly until you correct your political status.”

You have to think in terms of apples and oranges, living and dead, Spanish and English, employer and employee— and you can’t be a living man who is part of a living assembly of free men and at the same time “be” a corporate franchise. It’s not possible. It is an oxymoron proposition like “sovereign citizen”. You can be one or the other, not both.

It’s the same way with “citizenship”. You can serve as an official of the actual State of the Union and thereby function as a “State Citizen”, but you cannot at the same time function as a Territorial “State of State” Citizen.

Once you re-establish your status as a living man or woman, you can move any corporations named after you back to a permanent domicile on the land and soil jurisdiction and operate them in international trade instead of international commerce. This is the difference between owning and operating a boat and being a boat.

So I wish it were as simple as joining a Jural Assembly, but it’s not. There are international copyrights and patents and “derivatives” and “labor contracts” and “life insurance annuities” and all sorts of other business issues attached to the central issue of who and what you are and in what capacity you are acting.

In order to be part of a Jural Assembly of living people you have to claim the life and lineage you are part of and claim the reversionary trust interest in your natural estate —- otherwise, these hideous corporations will simply claim that you are “cargo” aboard one of their “vessels” named after you, and you will be seized upon, impounded, moved around, and treated as “unclaimed cargo”.

Which is precisely what is happening to Destry Payne right now, and what is happening to the Colorado Nine and what is happening to Steve Curry and what would happen to me, too, if I had not followed my own advice, gone through all the history and research and the recording processes and “Notifications” that I have gone through to regain my Natural Person standing and reclaim my country.

So, if you want back the prize of who and what you are, if you want your land and soil and flag returned to you and your control, if you don’t want to be “mistaken” for a corporation or a dead person’s estate or a public charitable trust or a public transmitting utility or, or, or, or….. then get up on your feet, face facts, and deal with the situation for yourself and for your family and for your country.

I will be posting additional examples of what my own “Claim for the Life – Lineage Treaty” looks like, International Will form, etc.


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