The Alex Jones InfoWars Ban & Why We Need To Talk About It (Video)

Radio host Alex Jones blasted Republicans Monday for their handling of congressional hearings on Internet censorship after Silicon Valley corporations banned Infowars from their platforms in a coordinated burst.

America Has Been Sold Out To Communist Censorship 1:04 PM – Aug 6, 2018 2,322 1,921 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy Alex Jones began: “Well, Matt Drudge almost got it 100 percent right. If you go to, you see a big red apple that says Apple regulates hate.

But Apple officially four months ago moved to China, gave them the code keys to the Internet and announced they would begin mass web censorship — not just in China, but worldwide — and they actually said that ‘well, it’s normal to be state-run when you are in China.’ Where they now pay zero percent taxes.

“Then last week, a top engineer, there’s only reportedly only 200 people that had access to it, reported on a secret called Operation Dragonfly, where they were constructing a total web censorship tool for China but also testing it out on conservatives, Christians, and nationalists here… get an eyeful of this


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