ALEX JONES IS A FAKE – The fact that he never talks about the real “Qanon” is the proof . – The real reason Alex Jones was deleted by Facebook and YouTube

The real reason Alex Jones had his platform deleted by the likes of Facebook and YouTube was to distract everyone from the “Qanon” movement.

Jordan Sather made this great point in his video:

Jordan makes the point that Alex Jones never speaks about the real “Qanon” ever.  Alex once had a fake “Q” on his show,  that the real “Qanon” discredited by saying, “Comms only occur on this board,” referring to 8chan ( or

Alex Jones made his fame by sneaking into the Bilderberg secret meeting called, “Bohemian Grove,” which other reporters have been seriously attacked or even murdered when they tried to do the same.

It is obvious, Alex Jones was allowed to enter, allowed to film the Bohemian Grove ceremony so that it could be debunked as anything truly evil.

It is obvious that Alex Jones is a Deep State Shill, a hidden spokesperson who only screams and acts out and pushes his supplements, painting all real true conspiracy believers in a bad light.  Jone’s real purpose as a Deep State shill is to detract from the important stuff.  Notice that Alex Jones never provides any solutions, he never speaks about relevant court cases or relevant efforts like the jural assemblies.  Jones never speaks about the crime syndicate de facto corporation.  Jones never speaks about the birth certificate fraud.  Jones never speaks about the Probate Court fraud.

Alex Jones never speaks out about U.S inc.  Alex Jones never speaks out about child kidnapping.

Alex Jones never speaks out about the heroin epidemic or the DEA’s, pharmaceutical industry, and medical doctors pushing oxycontin out onto the street in mass before the military and CIA then helped roll the heroine out onto the streets, the sole reason why all our cities (sanctuary cities especially) are covered in needles, feces, trash, tents, and homeless.

Alex Jones avoids all the real issues, only speaking about the farthest out conspiracies like chemtrails, which we all know is true, but the majority of the population does not believe we are being poisoned from above, which is why Alex Jones speaks about it.


I personally contacted Alex Jones with information presented by Anna Von Reitz.  He did not respond to my attempts.

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