Email and Letter to Pope Francis August 9, 2018 — “I Have Just Been Informed….”

   Judge Anna von Reitz

I have just been informed by Chief Fasthorse that he has willfully misrepresented and misinterpreted certain facts that impact any proposed settlement with the Holy See and The United States of America — the actual Federation of States.

1. Please note that we, The United States of America, re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent two days prior to the Sovereign Letters Patent signed by us and Chief Fasthorse. The intent was and for our part, is, to share the land and soil of this country on a fair, full, and equal basis with the Native tribes.

We do not propose to give them claim to our shared land under the same bogus principles of the Doctrine of Discovery that they themselves have suffered under. It doesn’t matter whether our ancestors “discovered” America in 15,000 B.C. or 1602 A.D.

2. He has misrepresented my political status as that of a Winnebago Tribal Member and this is grossly incorrect. I have repeatedly, soundly, and unequivocally declared myself to be an American standing on the land and soil of Wisconsin, and similar to any proposition that the Territorial United States could convert my political status by “conferring” United States Citizenship upon me, I object and deny any power granted to the Winnebago or any other tribe to convert my nationality or suborn my political status as an American and a Wisconsinite.

3. You need to deal directly with me and stop this madness of misrepresentation and self-interest gone mad.

I have forwarded our acknowledgement and acceptance of the return of the “Delegated Powers” to the administration of The United States of America by Operation of Law to Cardinal Parolin, the Queen, Donald Trump and other interested Parties—- which includes demand to return our assets to us and to our control.

Your Predecessors and your Vassals, the British Monarchs, have acted in Breach of Trust so long, so flagrantly, that you finally bit yourselves in the butt and rendered all three levels of the Federal Government incompetent at the same time, which leaves only our General Government still standing.

It is quite true that we need to “begin again” and we have, with a firm foundation bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers which is not dependent on any “constitutional” agreement with either the British Monarchs or the Holy See. And equally not dependent on any false claims made by Native Americans.

The Natives are welcome to come home like any other American to the land and soil of their birth. They are not welcome to make inflated and self-aggrandizing and unjust claims.

Thank you very much—-and be aware that any attempt to give our freely shared land or any other assets belonging to this whole country away to any subset of it will be cause for strenuous and very public objection fully exposing the role of the Holy See in all of this skullduggery, piracy, and fraud.

Anna Maria

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