Judge Anna von Reitz

I have lately been assailed by people concerned because they could not get a passport, or were issued an incorrect passport, or were being penalized for things like child support, debts, or IRS liens, or not being able to use a passport issued by “the US”.

Passports are issued by the Post Office, not the “government”.

You, as a Post Master (Think about it, you handle the mail — buy, sell, trade, carry, and deliver mail all the time) have the right and ability to send “yourself” anywhere the mail goes.

Technically, your Birth Certificate is sufficient for you to cross most international borders, so long as you provide reasonable proof of the other elements of a Passport — current picture, nationality (Ohioan, Californian, Wisconsinite, etc.), a current postal address, two Witnesses (or their signed and notarized testimony identifying a photo of you as “the” man or woman whose birth event was registered on the BC and certifying your good character.

There you go. Make your own. The “authorities” will scream, but it is their own darn fault for messing around and not doing their job—and they really have no authority to restrict your travel.

You put all this information on a 5″ X 8.5″ postcard and send it to yourself at your normal address with your normal postal address as the Return Address, too, using a $1.00 “Global” Stamp, which will, of course, be canceled to pay the postage.

When this document returns to you, it has been stamped and sealed and is, in fact, a “Passport” proving your current address and presenting your identity.

They can argue it all day long, but they can’t restrict the movements of a State national. You have your own Post Office and your own Seat of Government and they can go blow.

As for the Passports they do issue that are quasi-correct and issued under color of law, you can correct them and nail down their interpretation by the way you sign them.

Always sign everything with a by-line. By: John Peter Doe.
That claims your copyright. All rights reserved.

Take one of those $1.00 Global stamps and stick it above your
signature, and cancel it by writing your name and the place you are “leaving from” across the stamp in red ink.

The Post Master has now cancelled the Global Stamp and the “cargo”— the Name you have copyrighted and affixed — is ready to be mailed to whatever destination your little heart desires.

The out of control bureau-rats from Washington, DC, can sniff and snort all they like, but it isn’t their business and not in their control.

They say theirs is a passport issued by The United States of America; well, that’s us.

And if they mean some Scottish wannabe commercial fraud organization infringing on our copyright and abusing our Name instead, they need to be grilled about that copyright infringement and be put on the record as attempting to interfere with our ability to contract and our ability to conduct international trade. Both.

$250,000 fine and ten years in jail, international sanctions in 172 countries. See how they like that.

Don’t let these cretins poke their noses into areas where their noses don’t belong. Give them the “Bad dog!” response and if enough of us do this consistently enough, they will get the message even if it has to be reduced to Tarzan-like speech:

Me, Employer.

You, Employee.

And issue your own Passport

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