Ready to Tear Hair


Even people who SHOULD know better get confused.

But, really, folks, it’s time to use your own heads.

Would you go to the library, take out a book called “All About Cows”, go home, read it, and then call me up and ask why you can’t find any information about horses in a book called “All About Cows”???

WHY would you do such a thing?

So I get a reader saying, “I went and looked in the State Statutes and I couldn’t find any references to a Public Notary ……”

Statutes deal with sea jurisdiction (cows) so why would you look there for information about a land jurisdiction office (horses)?

It’s the same thing with all these people calling up the Alaska Court System and the Alaska Bar Association — both as sea jurisdiction as it is possible to be (cows, cows, cows) — and asking about me, a Counselor-at-Law and Justice of the Peace and our land jurisdiction court (horses, horses, horses)?

It makes no sense that people are doing these things when they have been told point blank what they are dealing with and what the jurisdictions are.

Information about Law and Public Offices— (horses) — can be found in the General Session Laws and Public Laws governing this country.

Note the word: “Law”.

A statute, code, or regulation is not a law.

Information about Statutes, Codes, and Regulations (cows) are found in State Statutes and Federal Codes.

Please note that by definition, Federal Courts, which include Territorial State of State and Municipal STATE OF STATE COURTS are incompetent to hear “law or facts”.

See that little word? Law?

All they can deal with are fictional entities and corporations and statutes— which aren’t actually law at all — and never pretend to be.

That’s why the Bar Attorneys have to “practice law” instead of being engaged in the actual thing, that’s why they have to make up stories about you and create corporations named after you to try to drag you (and your assets) into their jurisdiction—-and that’s why you have to look in the right books to find the right information.

Until you all figure this out and tell your neighbors, there is the danger that next time you see me, I’ll be bald, because I snatched out my last remaining hairs in frustration.

Help save Grandma’s curly locks. Memorize this information. Share it. Carry a Cheat Sheet if necessary.

Judge Anna von Reitz
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