Another Example of a “Claim for the Life – Lineage Treaty”

Establish your claim to your inheritance as a Natural Person aka Living-Man or Living-Woman.

Such a record will demonstrate your claim to the land and soil of this country if you were born in this country or born to parents who were born in one of the States because anyone born or naturalized into these Land-States is heir to their kingdom, free and clear.

Such a record rebuts the presumptive lies about you and records your counter-claims

Your Claim for the Life doesn’t have to be long or ornate, and it doesn’t have to involve ancestors who lived in this country, so long as you were born here or were naturalized and expatriated to an adopted State of the Union.

If you don’t record your claims because you are lazy or think you don’t have to — the rats win.  It is totally up to you.


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