About Hartford Van Dyke

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Hartford Van Dyke is well-intentioned and very, very knowledgeable about the Federal System.

However, he is ignorant about the actual American System.

We are not Federales. We are not naturally subject to Federal Code. We are not subject to State Statutes.

So, 90% of what he teaches, or more, is only applicable to them, not to us.

And while it is certainly handy to know and be able to remind them what their own Codes and Statutes say, the whole point is that we are not part of their system and not subject to any of it, so why belabor the point and waste a lot of time learning about how they are supposed to act and how they are supposed to conduct their business?

We need to take care of our own business and obey the Public Law without worrying about the rules of defunct and bankrupt Federal corporations.

I know Hartford. He’s a good man. But he has suffered under the delusion that he can, as a Federal Citizen, access our credit and issue “Notes” and “Bonds”. This is not true and never has been.

If he keeps going with this, he will get in trouble again — and not for the first time, and those following after him will get in trouble, too.

You are very wise to step back and not believe the promises of ready money and not just go charging after whatever sounds good and easy.

Good things in life are seldom easy.

I don’t know why a guy as bright as Hartford would keep stepping in the same cow pie, but cow pie it is, and anyone who tells you that you don’t need to correct your political status records is not up to speed.


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