HOW Stupid Are We?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

After being taken in by British fraudsters for 150 years I don’t think I can make an argument for American intelligence overall.

I can make an argument for American honesty — honesty that couldn’t imagine the depths of depravity, bad faith, selfishness, and greed that our British “Allies” have displayed.

I can make an argument for the open, trusting nature of Americans.

I can make an argument for American generosity and bravery.

But the Devil will take advantage of your virtues just as quick as he will take advantage of your vices, so I guess this is part of the lesson to be learned.

Anyway, here we are after a hundred and fifty years of being screwed senseless by the Brits and the now-repentant Catholic Church.

We now know — for sure — that our political status records have been deliberately falsified to identify us as British citizens and subjects of the Queen.

We know that this fraud began in earnest under the treasonous administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and that every American baby’s political status has been faked since the 1930’s.

This gigantic lie and attempted genocide-on-paper stands as one of the worst crimes in recorded history, a bunko operation of staggering proportions—- one that has adversely impacted the entire world.

And we still have Americans standing around scratching their butts and arguing about whether or not they have to respond and how they should respond if they do.

Let’s see…..your identity has been stolen. Your credit has been stolen. Your land has been stolen. You have been mis-identified as a British Citizen. And you’ve been left to pay off trillions of dollars of THEIR debt.

Can I suggest that, yes, you do have to do something about it?

Otherwise, the rest of the world will assume that you secretly enjoy getting screwed sideways and robbed and left for dead.

And if you like it, well, hey…. who is to say otherwise?

I have just been informed that there are arguments raging through the National Assembly groups and even among members of the Michigan General Jural Assembly about doing or not doing the paperwork to reclaim your birthright political status.

It seems that some people think it’s okay for British citizens to take part in American Jural Assemblies. Some people think it is not necessary to declare your political status as an American.

This, even after the whole situation has been blown open for all to see, even after they have been told — “Hey, the record says you are a British citizen.”

I am here to tell you that it’s not okay for Brits to serve on an American Jural Assembly.

If you find anyone in your Jural Assembly who hasn’t recorded their political status, they are to do so immediately, and if they refuse they are to be kicked out without further ceremony.

I am here to tell you that not only can you get into trouble — as a British citizen— for taking part in an American Jural Assembly, but the validity of the actions of your Assemblies can be tainted and called into question if you allow any such wishy-washy.

Its time to pledge your lives, your fortunes and your sacred honor— or stay home and squat as a British tenant on your own land.

Every single member of your Jural Assembly needs to do the paperwork to reclaim their Good Name and political birthright and if they don’t, they have no business being involved.


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