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Exact Original Citation:

   Judge Anna von Reitz Here’s the exact original citation of the Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators case I quoted and that Larry Becraft said “didn’t exist” even though I told him to look in the annotations to the case record … Continue reading

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Important Point:

   Judge Anna von Reitz A couple weeks ago, I published an Article called “This is the Big One”—- in which I observed that: (1) in commerce, the truth is established by Affidavit, and (2) that corporations cannot possibly give … Continue reading

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For Doctors, Lawyers, and Indian Chiefs

  Judge Anna von Reitz The doctors, lawyers, and Indian Chiefs among us — as the old poem goes —have an extra stumbling block between them and their freedom. The corporations that we have been dealing with “as” our governments set … Continue reading

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