“Hugest of News from Judge Anna” by Suzi – 8.18.18

HUGEST of News from Judge Anna!

With Anna von Reitz’s Article #1204, published this afternoon, we finally can get a glimpse of what is going on. Find the article at either site:



I suggest all read carefully a few times – sitting down — and then read “between the lines” a bit.

This does clarify for us the unique working arrangement for President Trump with the (unincorporated) United States of America, of which the American people and states are Primary Creditors and Anna is the fiduciary.

When I read about “Mr. Trump’s ignorant blessing” to allow yet another French corporation and yet another UK corporation to step in to continue to rape and pillage us, I cannot help but wonder whether this might have been some sort of a sting op. Clearly the unincorporated government had not given its blessing and in fact, had precluded that from happening again. (As Anna had stated previously – it was unacceptable that any successor contractors come in. We have been governing ourselves with a skeleton crew, so to speak, as I interpret things.)

Note the section about filling the coffers of the unincorporated original states such that newly activated state governments will have funds.

And herein Anna clarifies that “Congress” is all but defunct.

Finally, the last 3 paragraphs about NESARA. Don’t fall off your chairs! Given all the controversy about which bill was bona fide and whether there might be recent bills, does anyone have these details yet? Remember that way back, Anna had said that NESARA was a myth of sorts, and would not give it credence. Strategy? Or has NESARA been born anew?

A bit of a mystery also, where Anna states, “We are not proposing any great disruption of the world banking system nor are we proposing a lot of physical action moving or removing assets on deposit…”

Hmmmm…interesting. Let’s remember the way the bankruptcy case was structured. I am in the dark, but wondering whether after Anna provided her demand letters to the Queen, et al., which she has published on her site, whether another hundred or so countries are behind us in line with their demands also. Think about it. It sounds like worldwide hydration to me. However, this would just be the return of purloined funds, not yet the opening of ancient trusts – or might they be intertwined to some degree? Hopefully between Anna’s collection agency and forensic accountants and others such as Neil Keenan possibly, they will get to the bottom of this messy business.

Also, “Double Golden Jubilee?” Was this a Vatican action that was passed?

Hopefully, over the next few weeks, many of these questions and others should be answered.

Finally, full disclosure to the American people and the ability to elect whether each individual wants to have his political status as a sovereign national of the state of his birth, or remain a subject of the Queen. (See Article #928) with no rights and lots of obligations. I would not expect many takers for continued slavery…

TO JUDY AND PATRICK, and other subject experts: Can you shed light on some of these topics?

Let’s dig for answers and Stay the Course. Yes, Judy, patience is a virtue.

In total gratitude to God our Father, and for all his blessings upon our Patriots and White Hats WORLDWIDE, both seen and unseen, Earthbound and Galactic,

Where We Go One, We Go All,



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