First Instruction Letter – by Anna von Reitz

New Instructions to Trump, Mnuchin, Sessions, and Judges Thomas Hogan and Royce Lamberth, dated July 17, 2017. [Read Along]

Dear Mr. President and Mr. Secretaries and Honorable Judges:

We will quickly summarize how we arrived at the current situation so that you have
the necessary background to comprehend our position. Please read on.

And, this essay starts with the Cestui Vie Act of 1866, and takes us all the way through the present day.  So it’s probably the best history of the bankruptcies and the fraud perpetrated upon us that I’ve ever seen, and I encourage everybody to get several copies of this and get acquainted with your history so you know what’s gone on, and so that you’re not going to repeat it. )

1666 – The Great Fire of London creates the occasion for the creation of individual
public trusts as a means of seizing private property: The Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.

1702 – The British Crown and Dutch East India Company collude under Maritime
Wagering Act. Living men are deemed to be “vessels” and insured. Their death/loss
becomes a means of enrichment for the commercial corporations and the British

1765 – The pollution of English Common Law with Admiralty Law to create “Equity
Law” granting absolute power to the judiciary to seize upon and distribute private
property comes to fruition in England under Lord Mansfield.

1776 – Partly in objection to this usurpation of power by the judicial functionaries,
the American Colonists rebel.

1819 – The American states pass the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the original
Constitution, putting teeth and penalties into earlier provisions effectively prohibiting
members of the Bar Associations from holding public offices.

1822 – The then-Pope and then-British Monarch secretly collude to act in Breach of
Trust against the Americans and sign the Secret Treaty of Verona.

1837 – The British Settlement Act sets aside public wastelands as “commonwealth”
and paupers are said to be settled upon this land, thus becoming wards of the state.
This effectively prevents the lower classes from ever being landlords and provides a
basis for claiming them as chattel property.

1858 – Benjamin Disraeli begins the push to enfranchize British laborers as
properties belonging to the British Crown. They and their assets are seized upon in
the process as collateral backing government debt. Their “voluntary” enslavement is
used to fund the British Raj in India—though they are never told any of this.

1860 – Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, is elected President. He can serve only in
the private office of President of the United States (Trading Company), not as
President of the United States of America, as a result of the Titles of Nobility
Amendment. He contrives to start the Civil War, which is never declared by

1863 – Lincoln succeeds in bankrupting the United States (Trading Company) and
issues General Order 100, placing the Grand Army of the Republic in charge of the
government. The entire “war” is an illegal commercial mercenary action resulting in
a military dictatorship being established in the District of Columbia.

1865 – Lee surrenders his army to Grant at Appomattox, but no official peace treaty
is ever signed. The Southern States are carved up into ten military districts and all
the original states are improperly subsumed into the bankruptcy of the United States
(Trading Company) by a process of assumpsit.

1868 – The Creditors of the United States (Trading Company) issue a look-alike,
sound-alike corporate charter called the “Constitution of the United States of
America”. This creates a commercial corporation merely calling itself the “United
States of America” that then substituted itself for the actual government owed to the
people and states of this country under The Constitution for the united States of

1868- 1875 — This new “government” entity then forces the original unincorporated
state governments to write new state constitutions and to assume new doing-business-as
names in the form of: Wisconsin State, Connecticut State, and so on,
while seizing upon the name of the original states and operating “Territorial
franchises” for itself under their names: State of Wisconsin, State of Connecticut,
and so on. All these semantic deceits are pulled off on the trusting public.

1907 – The 1868 version of The United States of America, Inc. is bankrupted. The
land of the actual states and people is unlawfully seized upon by the creditors of The
United States of America, Inc., as collateral backing its debts in bankruptcy. “Title”
is taken to the land and the actual patents seized upon, with the Creditors receiving
the equitable title and benefit.

1930-34 – A second corporation calling itself “the United States of America” is
bankrupted. This time, FDR unlawfully converts the entire population of this country,
re-interpreting our Trade Names on the land to be Foreign Situs Trusts operating in
the international jurisdiction of the sea. This allows the Creditors of the bankrupt
private, mostly foreign-owned “United States of America, Inc.” to seize upon the
labor and other private property of Americans in gross Breach of Trust owed to us by
the Popes and by the British Monarch. By this deliberate fraud, we are “presumed”
to be commercial vessels belonging to the bankrupt United States of America, Inc.,
and by process of extortion and assumpsit, are forced to pay its debts.

We are also considered “missing, presumed lost at sea” and Cestui Que Vie Trusts
are established by the Municipal United States in our names. These things are
operated under deceptive account designations that appear to be our names: JOHN

1953 – We finally pay off the 1907 bankruptcy of The United States of America, Inc.,
but instead of returning the land patents owed to the actual states and people, those
responsible pretended not to know who the land belonged to, and rolled it all up in
giant land trusts, which they continued to tax, lease, rent, and otherwise benefit
from in our purported “absence”.

1999 – We finally pay off the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc.,
but instead of returning all the Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust assets owed to the living
people, Bill Clinton signs Executive Order #13037, stepping up the conscription
process, and again, pretending that nobody knows who these accounts belong to,
hoping to seize upon all our property including our names via a claim on

2015 – President Obama puts the UNITED STATES, INC. and all its “Municipal
Franchises” including the Cestui Que Vie ESTATES belonging to Americans into
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Liquidation. Almost as an afterthought, he puts the USA, Inc.
into Chapter 11 Reorganization. This effectively bankrupts the entire world— all the
Municipal Government franchises dba CHINA, FRANCE, and LOUIS ALLAN FULFORD,
all the Territorial Government franchises dba Germany, United Kingdom, and Lois
Lillian Hardy.

2015 – Americans who have become aware of the fraud return to the land
jurisdiction of their birth.

The unincorporated government of the actual states and people doing business as
the United States of America revives itself. The new government issues new
Sovereign Letters Patent for the states (November 4) and for the Indian Nations
(November 6) and also issues an Express Trust — The Declaration of Joint

2017 – After extensive Due Process given to all the Principal Parties responsible, the
liens against all the Municipal and Territorial government corporations and their
franchises are completed and cured, including Agricultural Liens. January 6, 2017, a
Private Registered Indemnity Bond covering all the actual states and people is lodged
with the United States Treasury, and a Payment Bond is lodged with the Vatican
Chancery Court.

June 29, 2017: The American states and people represented by the unincorporated
United States of America visit The United States District Court for the District of
Columbia and claim back their property and assets as the Paramount Security
Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the bankrupt Territorial and Municipal
Government corporations and their franchises worldwide.

That all brings us forward to the present moment. The One People’s Public Trust
foreclosed on the Territorial and Municipal corporations, intending to create a
gigantic global version of the Public Charitable Trust that they would then control.
However, they are not the Creditors. We are.

We are the lawful owners of all that several generations of dishonest employees and
middlemen have amassed— and which they have hoped to claim as abandoned

The success of this scheme would have ended private property rights worldwide.
The Secondary Creditors had already set up a plan to discharge the debts of the
Municipal franchises in bankruptcy via Treasury Direct Accounts.

This process avoids the fact that these debts are all odious hypothecated debts that
the living people never owed in the first place. It also avoids the fact that the living
people are the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders who have been defrauded
in Breach of Trust, and instead mischaracterizes them as bankrupt “US citizens”.

As our included Public and Judicial Notice- Number 4 discloses, “citizenship” is a form
of indentured servitude to the government of a country, and in the modern world, it
must be voluntary, proven, and equitable or it becomes a form of peonage and
enslavement outlawed worldwide since 1926.

We maintain that the incorporated foreign governmental service corporations
operating under color of law and purposeful deceit on our shores since 1868 have
effectively enslaved our population and brought insupportable claims against our
land and our assets.

We maintain that we are not and have never been subjects of nor subject to
bankruptcy proceedings related to these disreputable foreign corporations and that
we are owed the actual constitution.

We maintain that the Municipal UNITED STATES and the Territorial USA practiced a
form of genocide on paper against the American states and people which is forbidden
by the Geneva Conventions and also practiced unlawful conversion of our assets,
inland piracy, kidnapping, identity theft and human trafficking against a peaceful
Third Party civilian population composed of their own employers and Priority

These actions by the UNITED STATES and USA against the American states and
people are by definition international crimes of employees against their employers.
We maintain that the bankruptcy of these foreign entities doing business as the
UNITED STATES and USA on our shores has nothing legitimate to do with us or our
property assets and that they exist in a jurisdiction that is now and always has been
foreign and separate from us.

As the Paramount Creditors, we have stipulated to the court guidelines that must be
met to establish proof of voluntary and equitable federal citizenship without which no
presumption of citizenship accrues to anyone born on the soil of an American state.

In practical terms, this means that there are two classes of people to be addressed by
The United States District Court for the District of Columbia: (1) actual federal
employees and dependents who are subject to the Municipal and Territorial
bankruptcies and who are owed discharge of the debts of their respective franchises
as part of the general bankruptcy, and (2) Americans who are likewise owed
discharge of these bogus foreign debts via probate action, collapsing the Municipal
Cestui Que Vie Trusts and Puerto Rican transmitting utility franchises and other
territorial franchises that have been created by federal corporations infringing on
their Trade Names without their knowledge or consent.

So the actual federal employees are owed bankruptcy protection at the same time
the American states and people, who are the Paramount Creditors throughout, are
owed probate action wiping away debts accrued by secondary beneficiaries, and the
return of their land patents and other property assets without further disloyalty,
obfuscation, claim, or delay.

We direct the Treasury and The United States District Court for the District of
Columbia to administratively reconfigure the Treasury Direct Accounts to recognize
these two classes of people and the two necessary but separate processes
(bankruptcy settlement, on one hand, discharge through probate on the other)
needed to clean up this mess.

Now and in the future, we require some sure and certain means to differentiate
between federal citizens and the people of the American states. This can take the
form of new identification credentials that will replace the use of State of State
Driver Licenses, except for actual federal employees and proven actual dependents.
We have no ill-will toward our employees despite their incompetence and the
destructive nature of their misbehavior and will not object to them seeking
bankruptcy protection, however, we insist that our assets are not subject to their
bankruptcy and must be removed from the Public Charitable Trust and returned
together with the titles and land patents and other assets owed to the actual states
and people.

Discharge of odious debts both in probate (for Americans) and in bankruptcy (for
actual federal citizens) can commence immediately to bring relief to both the
Creditors and the Debtors, subject to creating a record-keeping process at the
Treasury to identify members of the two separate populations and giving each their

It is apparent that the plot to create one giant all-controlling public trust for the
entire globe has failed and private property rights have been restored and retained
throughout the world impacted by these corporate bankruptcies.

The Paramount Security Interest Holders, the American states and people
represented by the unincorporated United States of America, hereby willingly order
the discharge of all similar odious debts owed to them by Municipal and Territorial
franchises formed under the names of living people throughout the world. Read
that— we aren’t here to press claims of debt against little old ladies in Hungary or
farmers in Zimbabwe or tradesmen in England who have been defrauded and
conscripted and enfranchised just as we were under false pretenses and conditions of
non-disclosure and deceit by their own respective governmental services corporation

Let it never be said that the Americans are ungenerous or dishonest, despite the
mischaracterization and criminal misrepresentation we have received at the hands of
our own employees and the Breach of Trust we have suffered at the hands of our
own international Trustees for six generations.

The release of all these odious debts held against living people throughout the world
in all those countries impacted can commence as soon as it can be expedited by the
Treasury and IMF officials.

In the wake of this great debt restructuring and the enumeration and separation of
the Creditors from the Debtors, we require that all the bankrupt bank franchises
turn over their account records and prepare to negotiate terms with the actual asset
holders which are for the most part private Historical Trusts. It is not our will to
cause any disruption or to move assets in any destructive way, but we will have an
accounting of those assets owed to the actual heirs and trustees and beneficiaries of
these funds and we will have agreements with all the bankrupt commercial banks
regarding access to these resources and these assets by the actual living owners for
non-violent and philanthropic and purely personal purposes.

We also require a public accounting to be conducted throughout all sectors of the
government that has been provided by the bankrupt governmental services
corporations (state of, county of, and municipal entities) and their hired
subcontracting agencies, beginning with the most recent Annual Financial Reports
(AFRs) of agencies and departments and public trusts in each state, the most recent
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) of the State of State organizations.
Our credit may be accessed to pay for these services leading to an accurate public
accounting for the first time since 1946.

Thank you for your time, attention, and understanding of these urgent issues.

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