Jacksonville shooter who turned violent after losing tourney was member of “anti-Trump resistance”

The Madden FL gamer who killed two people and wounded 11 others before turning his gun on himself Sunday was a self-described anti-POTUS Donald Trump member of the “resistance” who referred to the president’s supporters as “Trumptards.”

David Katz, 24, was reportedly ticked off at losing in the gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Fla., and he did what other violent Left-wing lunatics have increasingly been doing in the age of POTUS Trump: He attacked innocent people.

“Today’s mass shooter was a member of the Resistance who referred to Trump supporters as ‘trumptards,’ a review of his reddit history reveals,” independent journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted late Sunday.

Not all Left-wing opponents of the president are domestic terrorists, but all domestic terrorists these days seem to be Left-wing opponents of the president and his supporters. Antifa, It’s Going Down, and other anarchist groups come to mind.

And by the way, the “domestic terrorism” label isn’t coming from us; it came from none other than President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security and FBI.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Katz’s Reddit page is “littered with anti-Trump garbage.”

One passage read, “You trumptards seriously can never stop amazing everyone with how mentally challenged you guys are.”

Another said, “We can’t hate our rivals? Makes sense.”

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported that Katz killed two fellow gamers – Taylor “SpotMePlzzz” Roberson, 27, of Ballard, W. Va., and Eli “Trueboy” Clayton, 22, of Woodland Hills, Calif.

Katz was reportedly married and had a young son. And apparently, he was pretty good at Madden NFL gaming, having won 13 of his 18 previous matches, EA Sports said. Police said he was from Baltimore – which makes sense because his Reddit name is “ravenchamps,” a likely reference to the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens.


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