Letter to Accompany DD 2168

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Letter to Accompany DD 2168

This is offered as an example:

Dear Sirs:

My intention in submitting this “application” is to allow you to access my service record and satisfy yourselves that I am properly and completely discharged from any other, further, or additional claim or service obligation referenced by Public Law 95-202 and the associated Executive Order.

It is my wish and intention that I shall be recognized now and forevermore as fully, completely, and permanently discharged from U.S. military service and severed from the accompanying obligations of federal citizenship.

I have returned to my natural birthright political status and removed my permanent domicile to the land and soil of my birth state.

Please confirm my election to be removed from any further claim of federal connection effective with my date of discharge as shown on the DD 214 associated with my name.

Sincerely yours,

by: Your First Middle Last
c/o Your Address


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