Given the Pope’s stunningly negligent response to the multi-decade Catholic pederasty scandal in countries everywhere, it appears that he really is a part of a NWO scheme to subjugate whole nations after they are effectively destroyed.

Chile is just one country that is exceedingly angry with the Pope’s response to the nationwide pedophilia problem in the priesthood. See: All 34 Bishops In Chile Suddenly Resign Over “Absolutely Deplorable” Pedophile Priest Scandal  In fact, the Pope was forced to make a special trip to Chile to deal with the scandal and ended up inflaming it beyond repair.  Never has an entire populace been so disillusioned with papal failure of leadership.  Pope Francis Unusually Isolated in Chilean Priest Sex-Abuse Scandal 

That the third highest ranking official in the Vatican will be tried for child sexual abuse is just too incredible to comprehend, particularly on the watch of a pope who vowed to stamp out such abhorrent behavior.   Not only is Cardinal George Pell (Jorge also translates to George) to be tried in Australia for several sex crimes committed years ago before he was recruited to his current position — Cardinal, Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy — by Francis himself.

Then there is Ireland— once a fiercely Roman Catholic nation.  Not only did Ireland close its embassy to the Vatican, the pope’s recent visit there to apologize for so many years of sexual abuse occurred with extraordinary rancor. (See: Pope Francis Faces Arrest While Thousands of Irish Poor Families, Children Jailed)  Headlines like this soured the Irish on their traditional Catholic faith:  Banished Babies: The Secret History of Ireland’s Baby Export Business

Then there is the appalling exposé that recently made the headlines concerning the Pedocrime wave that washed over the state of Pennsylvania.  This is the first time that state prosecutors completely overruled the Vatican and took these criminal matters into their own hands as they always should have done.  The following MSM news report is even more shocking because the liberal media published it in all of it breath-taking detail.  301 ‘Predator Priests’ Named In Pa. Grand Jury Sex Abuse Report: ‘They Were Raping Little Boys & Girls’

The previous article basically breaks down the clergy’s MO and as well as the Church’s cover-up strategy that have been systematically utilized for decades.  The way it was supposed to work in the interest of justice for the traumatized child victims is that Rome was expected to fix the problem with finality by getting all guilty priests off the street.   Instead, the Vatican blessed the forming of a crime syndicate that was essentially a child exploitation racket overseen by the bishop and/or archbishop and/or cardinal.  Local law enforcement actually worked hand in hand with the dioceses to methodically cover up every single criminal case that was brought to light.  This conspiratorial relationship worked like a charm for a while but was eventually undermined by the sheer number of child sexual abuse cases.

Pedogate: Where Washington, D.C. meets Rome

Who doesn’t know by now that the Pizzagate scandal was centered in our nation’s capital and represents the primary control mechanism of America’s political class.  What better way to coerce them into approving legislation than to blackmail the guilty and bribe the vulnerable with pedocrimes.

There is no more graphic example of this deplorable dynamic than the incestuous relationship between the Churches and the Government, the priest and the politicians.  This is where Pope Francis really screwed up if the published accounts are true.  For the case of Theodore Edgar McCarrick, a retired American prelate of the Catholic Church and a former Cardinal, exposes the whole game.  McCarrick served as Archbishop of Washington, D.C. from 2001 to 2006.  This appointment as Archbishop of Washington shows just how audacious the Church is in giving their tacit approval to the Pizzagate crime syndicate that still operates inside the Beltway.

Francis’s real problem regarding McCarrick is that he was told about his transgressions against boys and priests 5.5 years ago.  And, yet, Francis still managed to reverse Pope Benedict’s previous papal punishment of McCarrick and somehow justify his egregious actions to his confidantes within the Curia.

…In this dossier Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal nuncio to the United States, accused the pope of reversing sanctions imposed upon the disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI.  He also alleged, among other things, that various curial insiders attempted to hamper Bene…

Surely, the evidence cannot get more damning.  That Pope Francis had such a serious lapse of judgment indicates that he is either on mind-altering medication or experiencing the onset of dementia.  He may also be the willing product of a decades-long Jesuit-run mind control program — CIA MKULTRA-style — that fastidiously set him up for his tenure as Pope.  No matter what the true reasons for needlessly creating this Papal Pedogate, Pope Francis is in a highly compromised position with virtually no way out except resignation.  Half of the Catholic world loathes the man — rightly or wrongly — because of his ultra-liberal embrace of socialism.

Truly, there’s not a Catholic conservative anywhere who does not want this Pope removed from office —YESTERDAY!



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