A Pathetically Wrong Assumption

   Judge Anna von Reitz

The reason that the Queen is being so contrite and offering to give land back — or to be exact — “misappropriated” title to land back to the actual people it belongs to, is because she and her co-conspirators in Westminster were caught red-handed operating an absolutely massive fraud, piracy, and racketeering scheme.

No other reason.

There is not only reason to believe — there is proof — that these same vermin intended to go merrily onward with more of the same old fraud and enslavement scheme, and also proof that they intended to start a mercenary “war” in America for the express purpose of murdering their Priority Creditors.

Oh, and then, also collecting the Life Insurance Policies and the so-called “Life Force Value Annuities” and claiming the private property of all those murdered as “abandoned assets”.

So now we have “Native Leaders” all over the world getting the title to their purloined land assets returned to them. And they are all puffed up and proud of themselves, even though they did absolutely nothing to secure this result.

Instead of patting yourselves on the back for doing things you didn’t do — thank God and bend your knees. It wasn’t your hand that delivered you from these evils.


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