Adam’s Punishment

   Judge Anna von Reitz

You remember the Book of Genesis account of the Garden of Eden story—- Adam, Eve, Serpent, and Apple?

I’ve brought this to everyone’s attention before, but it is time to do it again—-

Okay, the Serpent has worked his typical half-truth deceit, lied to Eve — you won’t die……right away…… and Adam and Eve have eaten the apple and the Lord Almighty has, of course, figured out the whole situation.

It is now Judgment Day in Eden. What happens?

The snake is condemned to crawl on his belly in the dust for the rest of his days and his children and Eve’s children will be enemies ever after.

Eve’s child-bearing risk and pain is greatly increased. She is stuck with being attracted to that lunk-head, Adam, and forced to serve him.

Both the serpent and Eve take their lumps in silence. They accept their guilt and their punishment.

Adam is the only one that whines and blames Eve for his sin— and God doesn’t pronounce that same kind of judgment and specific punishment for him. This is because Adam punished himself.

Let me explain—

What happens when you abdicate responsibility?

You lose the rights that went with the responsibility.

Adam lost the keys to his kingdom, his peace, the balance of his mind, and his eternal life — not because he sinned — but because he failed to accept responsibility for his sin. He lied about it and became subject to self-delusion and death and helplessness instead.

Eve and the Snake, however, passed the test.

They both accepted responsibility and the right to rule.

So here in the very beginning of the scripture is also the end of it. It is in Genesis that the entire secret is revealed: Adam can accept responsibility for his sins. Even now.

When the men of this planet accept their responsibility for their sins all the blaming and the delusions and the unending punishment can stop.

Jesus accepted responsibility for everyone else’s sinning and forgave it. Like Eve and the snake, he did so in silence, not blaming anyone.

That is how Jesus overcame Adam’s sin and became the King of Kings— not as a sacrifice, but as a ruler who accepted all the responsibilities of being King, and who earned all the rights that go with them.

So then, let us follow after Him, Our King, resolved to pass the final test and soldier on, no longer blaming anyone else, no longer being deluded, and no longer needing to deceive anyone.

We, too, can overcome.


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