The Blood Oath

   Judge Anna von Reitz

If we are Christian we all have a Water Oath (Baptism) and a Blood Oath (Communion). These are not our puny oaths. These are Covenant Oaths guaranteed by God. When we do our part, He promises to do His.

In Communion, we accept the Blood Oath of Jesus on the Cross declaring “It is finished!”

When I accept His Oath and enter into Communion, His words apply to me— it is finished and done.

Satan has no more hold over me and I have no more debts to pay Satan.

In fact, Satan has no right to be here collecting anything from any of us. Not one peso. Not one drop of blood. Although we may commit many sins, there is only one forgiveness for all sins at all times, forevermore. Jesus made the Covenant and He fulfilled it. Period.


This is why I arrested Satan and had him put in chains. This is why I will track down and arrest Lucifer, too. They have no right to be here causing trouble for anyone. We have all been paid for—- sheep and goats, too.

So what is this nonsense that all the people of the world are suffering? Say what? Has not our King redeemed this Earth and does He not own the World, too?

A young Luciferian recently dared to offer their stock-in-trade excuse to me: “Lucifer enlightened us and gave us knowledge.”

Yes, I replied, but knowledge of what? —- Falsehood and deceit, things that have no reason to exist.

I might have added death, misery, war, prostitution, delusion, love of money and a whole long list of other things that we don’t need, either.

Checkmate. End game. Again.


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