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Included here is one of the most important and necessary procedures everyone needs to follow.  This video by David Merrill is thirty-three minutes, it’s packed with extremely valuable information and some related history.  If you’re paying income tax on your labor, you aren’t only robbing yourself, you’re robbing America by creating debt extrapolated into endless debt through the FEDERAL RESERVE, a private, foreign banking conglomerate run by the Crown/Vatican/Swiss banking Cabal.

FEDERAL RESERVE is not part of UNITED STATES INC. dba.  It’s part of the Bankster gang that controls the currency system for anyone who is ill-informed enough to use it.  By law, there must be a remedy, and there is, but don’t think the B.A.R. courts or Attorneys will ever reveal it to you.  Their duty to the Vatican is to protect the concealment of the artificial bankruptcy.  The lawful remedy to stop paying taxes on your labor, which is your property, NOT income, is 12 USC 411.

Income is profits, gains, imports, exports, excises, etcetera, NOT labor.  Your labor is your sweat equity.  No man has the lawful right to make you pay your labor to another, especially for a debt that you were never responsible for creating.  If you use military scrip, a term for any substitute for legal tender which is often a form of credit, then you fall under the jurisdiction of U.S. because of the Federal Reserve Act or 1913.  This is the best way in the world to get entangled with the I.R.S. and all the commercial banks that are in with the Central banks.

Whenever you’re amazed by the brazen and reckless, inhuman and ungodly piracy of the I.R.S., think of how reckless you are for putting yourself in their jurisdiction.  Think about how you flirt with disaster by getting involved with the B.A.R. Attorneys in black robes, who just happen to be working for the I.M.F. when they plunder your worldly possessions that you aren’t allowed to own because you’ve decided to use instruments of debt to “purchase” things.


Because everyone else does?

Because you think you owe it?

Because you don’t know how to stop the deductions from your pecuniary compensation issued by your employer?

Because you think you can help pay down a debt with instruments of debt?

Because you didn’t know instruments of debt are I.O.U.s?

Because you didn’t know that by paying taxes you’re increasing the debt that you think you owe?

Because you didn’t know they’re without a law requiring you to pay taxes on your labor?

Because your imagination hasn’t revealed that taxes on FRNs are taxes on debt instruments???

Because you’re scared of the I.R.S. and their hog in the B.A.R. Association?

Because you would rather pay the Vatican than to support your family?

Because you wish to support Rothschild by helping him bomb countries who aren’t in bankruptcy with central banks?

Because you just can’t figure out the fact that you’re screwing up, even after learning that you are?

Open a 0% interest-bearing account at any credit union, preferably one that isn’t entangled with FEDERAL RESERVE and start following the instructions contained within the video below.  You deserve to have all your energy to go to yourself and/or your family, so stop giving it away to foreigners.  Enjoy your life!  Take the money you keep and watch your kid jump for joy while they choose their new bicycle.  Take your wife or husband shopping for new clothes.  Get yourself a better car, or a second one. Teach this to others and give them the gifts of love and freedom.

Federal Reserve Act – Remedy


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