“Social Security” Fears

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Millions of Americans were forced into Social Security adhesion contracts by undeclared Foreign Agents acting under color of law.  You were told that you had to have a Social Security Number in order to have a job, and that turns out to be a Big, Fat, Self-Interested Lie.

Social Security is a federal employee pension program, and if you are Joe Average American, you never even qualified to enroll.

The further fact is that those corporations and responsible for this Big, Fat, Self-Interested Lie are criminally and commercially liable for this circumstance and being brought to task for it.

Does this have any impact on the goods and services that are owed to the elderly Americans who have been defrauded?

No, if anything, it increases the obligations owed to them.

Does objecting to the fraud and deceit and reclaiming your birthright political status, Good Name, and Estate change or endanger Social Security payments or services owed to you?

No, it does not.

What if you went to Europe and worked all your life for a French corporation, were vested in their retirement system, and upon retirement, returned home to America?

Would the obligations of the French corporation cease because you changed your address?

No. And neither do the obligations of the Social Security Administration change when you return “home” to your birth state and your native political status.

In recent years there has been an attempt to “redefine” pension payments and health insurance owed to seniors who are vested in the Social Security System as welfare “benefits”.

It is important to know that some people receiving payments from Social Security are actually receiving it as welfare payments, since they didn’t actually work and earn their forty quarters needed to vest in the system.

For all of you who did work your full forty quarters and pay into Social Security, whatever you receive back is not a “benefit”. It is a social insurance payment owed. You need to draw a line and make the distinction.

Send a registered letter, return receipt requested, objecting to any attempt to mis-characterize the payment and health services you are owed as “benefits”.  In your case, you and your employers paid for every penny you receive back.

You are not a welfare case and the Social Security Administration needs to be given Notice of that fact.

When push comes to shove, it is a lot easier for THEM to justify not paying welfare “benefits” than justify not paying insurance annuities and covering health care costs that you and your employers already paid for.


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