A Big Thank You– Heartfelt and True

   Judge Anna von Reitz

I was just talking with someone who asked me — how did you and your volunteers manage to do all this?

He was standing there, mouth agape, staring at the piles of paperwork and the lists of projects.

And I had one of those sit-down-and-stop moments, recalling all the days in all the seasons of the year and the years that have been devoted to doing this work — and the envelopes coming in the mail and how as I have opened each one, my mind and heart have reached out to the people sending donations.

It’s like filing the paperwork reclaiming each state of the Union.

You think of that state and the people living there, in little snippets of their history: New York and Rhode Island, Florida and Maine, Kentucky and Texas…… each one carries its little “picture” in your mind, of the land and the people living there.

So I have thought of each one of you sending us whatever extra you could manage, and if I couldn’t see your faces, I thought of your state of the Union or your country, and said, God bless you!

How have we managed to do all this, you say?

It’s because people donated their Rippie winnings and their Cookie Jar stashes, it’s because they came home early from vacation and spent three days researching the history of West Virginia, it’s because of a truck driver who donated a penny for every mile, and a vacuum cleaner repairman who shared his lunch money and an orthodontist and a secretary and bunch of retirees…..and so many others who all pull together and make it happen.

It’s like a football game in which we have played yard by yard. It’s tough, and no doubt about that, but we have done it.

I eyed my guest. He was gasping. “You did all this with no organization backing you?”

We, the people, are a greater organization than any corporation the Earth has ever known. And it’s not a matter of politics or selfishness or any “agenda”. It’s the fact that we are Americans and in our heart of hearts, we all know what that means.

Congratulations, folks. We have “done it” and we have done it because of you, for you, and by your help and donations, we have survived to this moment.

Of, for, and by the people. Literally.

The victory is yours.


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