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9/11: The Biggest Con Job Since JFK

By Chuck Baldwin Two days ago, America marked the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I want to begin by categorically stating that the commonly accepted 9/11 narrative is the biggest con job and cover-up of a con job since … Continue reading

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NO DRIVER’S LICENSE REQUIRED IN THE united States! — Only in the U.S.

_________________________________ Driver’s License In response to Todd Foster of Info Wars By Robert-Dean:House . Since it is useless for me to contact Info Wars, they never respond, I will give you and them all the truth which they so conveniently left … Continue reading

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The 9/11 bonanza

There are a lot of very strange financial transactions that took place the day before and the day of 9/11. You probably have heard about the United and American Airlines put options trade. That was just the tip of the … Continue reading

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