How Do You Want and Need to Operate?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Do you want and need to operate as a franchise of a federal corporation?

Advantages: bankruptcy protection if needed.

Disadvantages: Subject to 80 million foreign statutes, rules, and regulations and bearing the cost of enforcement thereof via taxation. All assets and property interests held as collateral backing the debts of the federal corporation sponsoring your franchise(s). Having to support two often conflicting layers of “federal government” — both Territorial and Municipal, and obey the laws and support the interests of both. Being deemed automatically “guilty” and liable to pay any bill presented in one of the Territorial or Municipal Courts. Being considered a “THING” under the law and your body being considered “cargo” belonging to the THING named after you, subject to seizure and impoundment — arbitrary arrest and detainment. Loss of all Constitutional guarantees and limitations. Subjection to the whims of foreign governments. Loss of control over your assets and property interests.

Or do you want to float your own boat and take care of your own business?

Disadvantages: Must either self-insure via an indemnity bond or secure private insurance.

Advantages: Not subject to any form of statutory law, code, or regulation. Must actually injure someone or their property and Injured Party must appear in court to accuse you before you can be addressed in a court; lawyers cannot “represent” injured parties that are legal fictions and operate against you. You own your own body and keep your own assets. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You are not subject to search, seizure, or subjected to being considered a THING. Your body is not subject to unlawful arrest or attainer. All Constitutional guarantees are upheld. You stay in control of your Good Name, own your own assets, and retain your interest in all your property. You are not required to pay federal income taxes, and once land is held in your name and under your copyright, you are not subject to property tax, either.

Now, this is a pretty straight choice. Are you a THING or a living man? Subject to the foreign statutory laws of private corporations? Or only subject to Public Law?

Inheritor of all interest in America and the American States, or a foreign “resident” only sojourning here as an “alien” on our shores? Subject to “federal taxes” and owning only “property”—- or not a federal corporation or officer, and therefore not indebted and not subject to taxation?

You need to make up your mind, once and for all. And then follow the logic of your choices accordingly.

If you wish to operate as a THING and subject yourself in all the ways enumerated— hop to it. Subject yourself as in “subject to a King” to their foreign-for-profit governmental services corporation and let them whip, beat, and help themselves to your assets.

Otherwise, wake up and get moving to reclaim your Good Name and Estate.


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