But Which “God”?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

I don’t know how this is possible, but it is very clear that a great many people have remained ignorant about their professed religion as well as their government.

The Bible tells us explicitly and by inference that there are multiple “gods” out there plying their wares. Why say, “have no other gods before me” if there aren’t other “gods” being offered to you for you to worship?

“God” is a title, not a name.

So when someone (especially the vermin) start talking about “God” you have to inquire, “Which God?” the same way you have to ask, “Which United States?”

The True and Living God we know as the Creator, whose name and title in Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic is: “Yahavah”, means, “Yah, the Creator”— or some “other” God?

Yahavah’s Son is “Yashuah” sometimes transliterated as “Yeshuah”— which means “Yah’s Anointed One”.

There is only one Living God.

All other gods are dead.

They are little idols, like carved wooden statues, or the coins in your pockets — “representations” of reality, not reality itself.

“Christ” means “Anointed One” — but again, whose anointed one? The Anointed One of Yah? Or the Anointed One of Sam Spade?

Likewise, “Christians” translates as “Followers of the Anointed One” — but which Anointed One?

The Satanists have built a whole “parallel” religion to mirror the faith of the Apostles—which was never a “religion” and never a “church”.

They have taught us to use the name “Jesus” instead of “Yahshuah” and they have taught us to worship “God” and “Jehovah” instead of “Yahavah” and they have taught us to say “Amen” — the name of an Egyptian deity at the end of every prayer, to make sure our prayers get dropped in the “Dead Letter Box” the moment they leave our lips.

Then we wonder why prayers go unanswered?

Instead, worship “in spirit” and “in truth” — with your living heart and soul, not with twisted words. Just try. You will discover that you know how to pray without words. And then you will discover that “double-mindedness” vanishes and that in union with Yahavah, all things are possible.

Make good things manifest according to the ultimate and unfathomable goodness of our Creator. Bypass all the fear and ugliness and go straight home to your Father, and let the sons of the Devil go home to theirs, too.

Yah, the One, lives in you and makes you part of All. There is only one “God” — one Creator, one Life, one Ordering Principle.

All else is deception and idolatry and just plain old hot air.

If these vermin would deceive you about “which” United States of America they are talking about, would they hesitate a moment to deceive you about which “God” they are serving?

Or which “law” they are observing?

Do you think it is amusing that cannibals want you to drink blood from your communion cup? Instead of remembering “as often as you drink (wine)” — Yah’s Anointed One?

What would happen if every time wine touched your lips, you remembered Him? And every time you had a piece of bread?

Do you think it is a coincidence that churches have converted the faith of living men into the doctrine and rules of dead institutions?

That they have also mis-represented their laws as “God’s Laws”?

Or that the leaders of these institutions have set themselves above you and sought to place themselves between you and Yah as middlemen and arbiters?

Do you think it is funny that they have sought to keep you from communion and placed a price on it and also sold forgiveness which they have never earned?

That they have turned your body, the House of Yah, into a bonded slave for them and called a business Joint Venture a “marriage”?

Where is your common sense?

How could you believe in, much less consent to this?

There is no end to their blasphemy and evil, their recklessness and greed— but if you would save yourselves and save your country, you must wake up.

You must repent of all this error and discern the gaping Pit prepared for them.

You must come out of Babylon and know which “God” you serve.


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