Witches V. Satanists [Circa 600 BC]

  Judge Anna von Reitz

I have already explained — many times — how Satanists operate: they pretend to BE their targeted enemy, do their dirty work, and leave their “target” (also called, “the mark” in slang) to take the blame.

When the Phoenicians (aka “phonies”) fled to Britain once their activities in Portugal and Spain were discovered and they were forced to hot foot it out of those countries circa 600 BC, one of the first groups to suffer their competition were the native Druids and witches of the British Isles.

Contrary to what you have been taught, and largely because of this Phoenician Satanist invasion of Britain, there are good witches — both Green and White.

These groups known originally as “Covenants” left to themselves are peaceful students of Nature who study Nature’s Creator through contemplation and exploration of the Creation. They were known as “The Wise” because they inevitably learned many things about how the physical and energetic world operates. They loved music and poetry and created beautiful works of art that mirrored back the handiwork of the True God.

White Witches devoted their lives to discerning and overcoming and outsmarting and deflecting evil powers of all kinds.

Green Witches devoted their lives to healing and learning the healing properties of plants and foods and waters and sounds. They were our first pharmacists and midwives.

All this is a far cry from the foul and nasty reputation of “witches” who eat little children and cook them in ovens, witches who deceive wayfarers on the highway to rob them and lure them to their deaths, who spoil the milk and deflower virgins, who spread disease from town to town, who peddle recreational drugs, who put “curses” on everything, who engage in gross orgies, who set fire to the grain storages to hide the fact that they’ve robbed them and who carry gossip and speak ill of others and cause feuds and bear false witness and…..

Oh, but, hey, we’ve heard all this before, haven’t we? Burning children in ovens….where have we heard of that? Deceivers, liars, curse-mongers—sound familiar? Wild orgies and perverse sex? Drugs? Disease? Robberies? Arson? Murder?

This is nothing but the same-old-story of the Satanists infiltrating the pre-existing benign culture of the Druids, polluting it from within, and ultimately destroying it.

It’s the same thing they did to Judah (Torah) by pretending to be “Jewish” (Talmud) in the run-up to the Second World War.

It’s the same thing they tried to do with “ISIS” in the Middle East against the Muslims.

And it’s the same thing they are trying to do with the Catholic Church right now, today.

They pretend to be their virtuous enemies, gain a toe-hold like a parasite, then corrupt their targets as much as possible, misrepresent them as much as possible, and then skate off, leaving “the mark” to be blamed and to pay the price of their wrong-doing.

The witches of Britain have taken it in the shorts like everyone else, been infiltrated and soiled by these worms, and blamed accordingly. I feel like I have to say this explicitly for people so they don’t go running off on any literal “witch hunts” or get confused between Satanists and Druids.

Enough innocent people have suffered already. We owe it to the millions of dead and the billions who have been robbed to get it straight and turn our Shinola Sensors on.

We know how the Satanists operate, so, if we are thoughtful and observant, we can see behind all the smokescreens and mirrors and storefronts — and catch them red-handed. It’s not always easy, but if we are tuned up and watching closely, we can nab them like any other criminal.

All we have to do is watch for their “fruits” — missing children, dead babies, whores, broken families, drugs, sexual perversions, necromancy, tree worship, human sacrifices, pollution, deceit, vampirism, lawlessness, and so on and on.

And what is the bottom of all this insanity and cruelty and egotism?

Their completely whackjob teaching that is we are bad enough, we will force the Creator to come to rescue us from ourselves. Just like the horrible little kid who gets their parent’s attention by doing awful things? Like that. According to the Satanists (and they try to sell this to Muslims, too), we will bring the Messiah sooner if we are unrelentingly, horribly bad.

Apparently, they never read the Torah. If they had, they would know that the True God honors free will. He isn’t here to save us from ourselves. He gives us all the choices and we choose. If we choose wisely, we reap the rewards. If we don’t, well, we reap that outcome, too.

Don’t mistake Satanists for Witches nor for Muslims nor for actual Hebrews; don’t imagine that Satanists wearing the robes of Catholic priests are Catholic. Every once in a while, they take a shot at the Lutherans and Baptists, too.

Instead, be alert and stay awake. Use your mind and heart and powers of observation to ferret the vermin out no matter which costume, race, or religion they use this week. Just observe their fruits and keep tracking.


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