Reply from The State of New Hampshire Supreme Court

In Case No. 2018-03098, In re Trust of Mary Baker Eddy, the court on September 20, 2018, issued the following order:

On September 12, 2018, the court received a package from Amason that contained five copies of the book, Mary Baker Eddy Betrayed [By the Directors of Her Church], by David E. Robinson. The book was not ordered by any of the justices of the court. The submission of the book to the court in this way is improper because it constitutes an attempt to communicate with the justices about the case ex parte. The clerk is directed to dispose of the book.

This order is entered by a single justice (Hicks, J).). See Rule 21(7).

Eileen Fox, Clerk



Michele E. Kennedy, Esq.

Stuart Brown, Esq.

Robert B. Eyre, Esq.

Thomas J. Donovan, Esq.

Richard D. Judkins, Esq.

Michael P. Courtney, Esq.

James F. Raymond, Esq.

Theodore E. Dinsmoor, Esq.

Russell F. Hilliard, Esq.

Mr. David E. Robinson


Reply from The State of New Hampshire Supreme Court_20180922

“Withholding does not enrich.” – Mary Baker G. Eddy

“Your enemies will advertise for you.” – Mary Baker G. Eddy


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